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Looking for a beta reader/s for my story Dragons Heritage

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Hello ya'll.

So i've began writing the story mentioned in the title, got two chapters down now and itching for more. The story is located in the Harry potter universe with the characters from it, as well as my own thrown into the mixture.

As for a description of the story, it is about Harry Potters creature inheritance, the creature in question would be a Dracken, a creature designed by Starlight_Massacre and used in his/her stories the Rise of the Dracken and Dracken memoir. The story will contain scenes of sex and violence in varying detail, as well as male-pregnancies and such delightful things. I doubt there will be any straight-sex anywhere there, beyond the beginning leads towards such events, otherwise it'll be just male on male going.

What do i look for in a Beta? well the ability to read what you're reading properly, would be hell of a nice thing to have, but other than that....Suppose having a grasp of the English language, hopefully better than mine at any rate, and that is all.

I DO NOT care if my beta-reader has written anything themselves at all, just as long as they can hold an adult conversation and point-out flaws, holes and grammar errors better than i myself, is the only kind of qualification i require.

With this i hope anyone interested will contact me on this thread, but also via private message, for more details and the terms and conditions of our future dealings.

I bid thee adieu till we meet the next time.

Love, Doragonkage

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