Ben 10: Adult Version Challenge

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Just like my Avatar - The Last Airbender: Adult Version Challenge, this challenge is of retelling of certain episodes of a show, in this case Ben 10, and adding of smut scenes in them.


  • Ben: He’s either 10 years old like in the show or he’s older but still has his look from the original show. He’s a bit more perverted than in the original show: He secretly brings porno magazines to the trip, flirts with many older women he encounters during it and likes to slap Gwen's butt or grope her chest. The ominitrix causes a side effect on him when he turns back into a human: his 6 inch penis grows into an immensely thick 20 inch cock for 10 hours. When it reverts back to normal, it increases its size by two inches until it becomes 20 inches long permanently.
  • Gwen: She’s 18 years old instead of being a kid, but she still has the same look from the original show. She has a big bubble butt. She has a crush on Ben, which she hides by acting annoyed with him, especially whenever Ben slaps her butt of gropes her breasts. She’s also get jealous whenever she sees him flirting with another woman. Breast size reference: Maxi Mounds
  • Charmcaster: She’s 18 years old and has an hourglass figure. Breast size reference: Kayla Kleevage.
  • Kai: just like Gwen, is a teenager instead of a kid. Breast size reference: Minka
  • Xylene: She becomes attracted to Ben during their time together while teaming up to save Max. When he turns back into his normal self, they have sex before she leaves Earth. Breast size reference: SaRenna Lee
  • Tini: Instead of being attracted to Ben when he’s Four Arms, she's attracted to him when he turns back into a human. Instead of starting dating Synaptak after he saved her, she continues to have to be attracted to Ben. Breast size reference: Beshine
  • Lucy: Just like Gwen, is a 18 instead of a kid. Her bubble butt is bigger than Gwen’s. She starts flirting with Ben in front of Gwen to make her jealous. When they have sex, they're caught by Gwen which leads to a threesome between them. Breast size reference: Chelsea Charms
  • Tiffany: Just like Gwen, is a 18 instead of a kid. Breast size reference: Deena Duos
  • Camille and Betty Jean: Before her wedding, Camille tells Ben that she's nervous because she's a virgin and doesn't know what to do on her and her husband Joel's honeymoon. Ben offers to teach her about sex and she accepts. They're caught by Joel's mother Betty Jean. She threatens to tell Joel, but decides not to if Ben has sex with her as well. Breast size reference: Cindy Fulsom (Camille) and Casey James (Betty Jean)
  • Myaxx: She has her Ominverse appearence. Breast size reference: Vicky Little
  • Joan:. She sees Gwen giving Ben a blowjob during their break from doing chores and decides to ask Ben to come into her barn, saying that she wants him to help her, but in reality it’s just so she can seduce him. Breast size reference: Plenty Uptopp
  • Rojo: Breast size reference: Teddi Barrett
  • Frightwig: Breast size reference: Brooke Blue
  • Turbine: While her partners steal the Rusty Bucket, she distracts Ben by flashing her breasts at him. She gets horny when she sees the bulge in Ben’s pants caused by his boner, and decides to have sex with him. Breast size reference: Penelope Black Diamond
  • NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no bdsm, no rape, no mindbreak, no futa, no pregnant sex
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