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Forest Floor Responses

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Guest Laurie_Lou

I receive dapples of confusion and questions when it comes to my reviews, and over the last few chapters it's become increasingly frustrating that I can't reply or answer them in any other way than in my story. I have a small section at the end of each submission where I allow myself to give a short explanation of the chapter or my status, but I feel like it's not an appropriate place to leave answers- so I've created this little thread!

I appreciate and read every review, but I won't individually thank people on this thread- it will strictly be a place to answer questions or concerns. If you've left a lovely review, know that I sincerely appreciate your support!

I'm going to kick this off with Chapter 11:


I totally see your point. I ended the chapter rather hurriedly as it had been sitting there, lacking a final paragraph for about a week. I kind of wanted to see it completed and posted and made a rushed job of the ending. What I was lazily trying to explain is that Anthony feels that he needs to start remembering to escape. His attention has been focused so completely on falling into place since the chained-to-a-pole situation that it's almost like he's forgotten his resolve to get out of there. Despite mounding difficulties and impediments, he knows it will only get harder, so needs to start planning.

Anthony is also extremely reckless with his decisions (the escape in the slum, running from Richard and being electrocuted, leaving his food to sit beside the girl), and responds to his emotions far more than his rationality.


Haha, you caught me. I'm British, live in Britain, and although my partner is from Tennessee and I should know better, I have a tendency to let my own vocabulary and accent sneak through. Richard has a pointedly cultivated manner of speaking that fractures when emotions run high, but he most certainly isn't British and although surrounded by nationalities, wouldn't allow for a change in his vocabulary or accent.

'Cross' isn't a word Americans use, though? I'm surprised! I need to educate myself a little more.

More will be explained about the Anthony/Richard dynamic and why's he's had a harder time in the next chapter and hopefully a few more confusions will be answered that I can't really discuss just yet.

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