Corruption of Champions

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I'm new here on the site, haven't been here a week but it seems like a friendly place. This is actually my first time submitting any of my stories at all for people to see, I've been rping for years and have had a lot of great idea's for stories, but I was lacking in confidince with my writing since when I was young, my reading and writing skills just sucked. But that was then and this is now, so I'm actually getting up the courage to show people my stories. I'm only working on one story right now and submitting chapters as I finish them, but I'm writing a few other stories that I'll submit on here after I've reached a good point in my first story, maybe at the tenth chapter? Not sure yet ha ha.

But anyways, this is about promoting stories and not telling everyone my life story, so on to the stories! Now instead of just promoting my story, I'm actually more so promoting a category that many people probably don't know about. The Corruption of Champions category in the games section, now adays if you're into text based games or well anything that isn't very normal, you've likely at least HEARD of the game itself. It's a great game, but what I'm promoting here is the fanfiction writings of it. The game is flexible, I mean it's very flexible and making fanfiction of it is likely the easiest thing anyone could do. Currently there are only two stories in the category of it, my first story on here and the other is from the author Raistlin. Her story has 11 chapters and mine has 2 right now, but it'll have a lot more as time goes by.

Both of our stories are pretty much the same up to a degree, both stories are about our OC's journies in the world of Mareth, the setting of corruption of champions. But that's where the degree ends, because our OC's will naturally be taking different paths in our stories. The stories will involve a wide range of things, anthro's, anal, F/F, M/M, M/F/F, M/M/F, solo, DP, Fet, Fingering and a whole lot of other things that if I listed down, it'd be a paragraph sized list. All I can honestly say is that if you've ever played the game before, give these stories a try and heck, write a few yourself since you've the freedom to do whatever you want and don't have to just choose from options already written out. This is my first time both writing fanfiction and submitting stories on a site, so if I do anything wrong or place something somewhere I shouldn't, please tell me so I may fix it.

Any critisism is welcomed since I do actually plan on becoming a writer, so any and all of that is welcomed. I also hope you enjoy the stories and the ones to come from me.


Raistlin's story ------> CoC - My Champion's Story

My story ------> Marethian Journey's

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Just want to say that I also have a CoC fic,, The Accession of the Goddess Sarah. it's mostly yuri as I am best known for but there is some other stuff cause it's CoC!

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