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Multiple ideas, most of which would work better if Dresden were less restrictive with himself. The Winter Knight's Mantle can sort of help with some of them, though.

Something happens, during one of the events with the Denerians that ends with Nicodemus dead and Harry having taken up Lasciel's coin and leadership of the "nickelheads". Naturally, no one thinks this is a good thing, except those more clever Denerians who see it as an easy way to get access to a powerful wizard, as well as manipulate their new leader. Harry returns to his room, intending to go to sleep, only to find Tessa, Rosanna, and Deirdre all waiting for him. It's good to be bad sometimes.

At some point, he needs something from Summer, and Titania won't allow it, so he tries to make a bargain. Of course, she hasn't forgiven him for killing her daughter, so she won't allow any small price. Titania's demand: he killed her daughter, so he has to give her a new one. Of course, the point is to torment him with the knowledge that his child is in the hands of the Sidhe. Years later, a young changeling/Summer faerie is inordinately fixated on seducing Dresden, and he only realizes why as he looks at her in the afterglow.

Mab has to go off to do something, and doesn't trust Dresden not to do something stupid, so she leaves the Lady in charge of the Knight. She knew full well what would happen. Either Maeve gets to punish him for his rejection of her, along with just generally being a smart-ass to her, or Molly gets to have the man she's wanted for years. At first, he resists, but with his dick, his Lady, and the Winter Knight's Mantle all in agreement, Dresden begins participating enthusiastically. Maeve was vague with her orders, he was smart enough to gag her, and she has no experience dealing with toys that fight back. Or, Molly is just plain inexperienced, and is in no way prepared to deal with a Knight in full sex mode. Eventually, Lea decides that she's fulfilled her orders to observe and keep things under control, and decides to join in. Dresden positively leaps at the chance to fulfill the Oedipal fantasies of his teenage years (because you know Lea was his first and biggest fantasy all through puberty and beyond). When Mab returns, she then establishes quite firmly and enjoyably for all parties that she is in charge.

Ivy is reaching that age, and concludes that she should get some personal, direct experience with sex. It's the rational decision of the Archive, not the thought of a pubescent girl, definitely, no denial there. Of course, the list of males she knows and trusts essentially consists of Kincaid, who is like a father to her and would refuse, and Dresden, who would once certainly have refused, but is now a little more...flexible, morally speaking. The Winter Knight doesn't turn down a willing and vulnerable young maiden, especially when that maiden has at least theoretical knowledge of every sex manual ever written.

Dresden is visiting the Raiths, and Lara has her eyes set on him. He's her prey. Unfortunately for her, he was never prey to begin with, much less now that he is Mab's Knight. In other words, she is the prey and he is the hunter. Inari and Justine, who both happen to be present soon find themselves wishing that Lara hadn't opened the Pandora's Box that is Dresden's newly unrestrained lust.

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