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This is a thread dedicated to the M/M slash fic #hashtagwar.

Lisa 2014-02-08 id # 3000216087
Magic!!!!! You started another story!!! What's going on w/OTW?
I'm so excited to read your new story! Can't read it now b/c it's almost 1:30 a.m. and I'm turning into a pumpkin. I will read it first thing in the morning. :)
Just wanted to say, "Hey!"

@Lisa: You're the most awesome of awesomist readers ever. I know I told you in my pm about OTW. To other readers: I got quite frustrated with Off the Wall because I was over-editing and over-thinking the writing process. It's hard for me to work on more than one fic at a time, but I think I'll be able to write more about Fico and Luke in the nearish future. :)

RitsuOuO 2014-02-08 id # 3000216114
Yes, yes, yes!!! I love this! Wonderful I tell you, just absolutely wonderfully mesmerizing! I absolutely look forward to the next chapter! Thank you.

@RitsuOuO: Thanks for the nice review. I'm glad you liked the first chapter. What do you think of the others?

Lisa 2014-02-14 id # 3000216243
LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Magic, I LOVE this new story!!!!
I think both Rob and Max are adorable; they're both so insecure and nervous around each other.
There were so many funny parts to the story and funny thoughts I found myself laughing throughout the chapter.
Rob is just adorable and Max is your typical bad boy with a good heart. lol He's gotta cut down on the smoking, drugs, and sex with other boys. Definitely cut down on the sex-with-other-boys bit.
Can't wait till chapter two comes along! :)

@Lisa: Yeah, I like insecure characters because I think they're a little more believable, especially when they're teenagers. I'm glad you think it's funny, as I'm going more for cheese and laughs than anything else.

Lisa 2014-02-18 id # 3000216355
Shit, Pete is so stupid!!!!
Of course he got what he wanted, sort of. lol Rob now hates Max, but Rob has got to think this is pretty odd, since Max asked him out. Unless now he thinks he did it as a joke and he never meant to follow through.
I really feel badly for Pete though. I understand now why he's such an asshole to Rob (and anyone else who would take Max away from him). That really is so sad - his home life, his plan to move wherever Max is going after graduation...and Max has no clue his best friend is in love with him.
Wait, but Mike is now hitting on Pete! But Mike also likes Rob...hmmmm, you weave a great tale, Magic!
Can't wait for chapter three! :)

@Lisa: I know, Pete isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. That's the way I was hoping he'd turn out. Yeah I think Rob is pretty flabbergasted at this point but maybe not so surprised, since Max hasn't really paid much attention to him in the past, and as you'll see later, Rob has his own prejudices to overcome. I like the character Pete because he's angst-ridden but also pretty practical. He wants to take care of himself and those he cares about; he's selfish to some extent but also very loyal and wants to keep the safety of his sister a priority.

bambi4real 2014-03-11 id # 3000216934
I am enjoying your story thus far. I am also glad that you don't go into detail about Pete's abuse. I have to admit that I am a bit confused by Rob's Grandmother's vision. Who is the salmon eyed person she is referring to? Rob seems to think it is Max which would make sense as he is suppose to be the love interest of the story however the way you have written it up to now, it sounds like Pete is the character more in crisis than Max. So if anyone was in danger of dying anytime soon it would be Pete from a reckless act or by his own hands. I am not sure really which way you were intending to go with the vision. Look forward to see how it pans out.

@bambi4real: I hope Ch4 solved some of your questions. I know it seems like Pete is in danger, but he's quite a tough person and very self-reliant. He's withstood years of abuse and hasn't turned to drugs or alcohol to solve his problems. He's internalized it. His character is partially based on the life of one of my cousins, who endured similar abuse and seems fine externally for about forty years before she had a nervous breakdown. Sometimes people can learn to take abuse through internalization this way; it is unhealthy, but can be maintained for longer periods of time than someone who engages in risky behavior. You can see some of the side effects of his anger internalization through his angry outbursts. Don't worry too much about him, though. His salvation comes in Ch5.

Max is in immediate danger because at any moment he could OD or become a vegetable. He doesn't really understand that the drugs he mixes can be a lethal cocktail. Teens like him think they are immortal -- I know I was like that at his age. I took very big risks with my life that when viewed objectively, could have killed me.

Lisa 2014-03-14 id # 3000217003
Pete did such a horrible thing and he knows what he did was wrong. On one hand I'm really upset with him for that, but on the other hand I just want to hug him and tell him things will get better. I just don't get it. Why can't Pete call the cops on his father? Child services? Someone? His father can't get away with blackmailing him like this. It's horrible. And he can't help how his body reacts, he shouldn't not tell anyone b/c of that.
What a terrific chapter, Magic!!! But the one who stole the whole chapter? Sanyu!!! (did I spell that right?) She's adorable! lol

@Lisa: I know, Pete is such a loveable villain. At first he was just going to be a mean bully, but I thought that would get boring fast. I'll explain Pete's situation in Ch5. I'm glad you like Sanyu! Her personality is somewhat based on my sister's son, who I babysit. He loves to do similar things with his diaper, my sister's socks, etc. Little kids are pretty fun to write about!

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Lisa 2014-03-27 id # 3000217309

Magic!!!! What a GREAT chapter!!

I love Grandma Hazel! I think it's very understanding of them not to hate Pete. I wonder if Pete will tell Max the real reason he did that.

Loved the boys giving into their feelings.

Can't wait for more!!! :)

@Lisa: Thanks for the review :). I guess this isn't a very popular story, you're the only one that seems to continue reading it! I'm trying not to let it bother me but I wish I knew what was wrong with it. I guess maybe it's just boring or maybe offensive. Writing for AFF is good practice for me, though, and I'll definitely continue writing this fic.

Well I thought maybe the beginning of this chapter was slow, but I couldn't really figure a way around that. I'm glad you liked this chapter. If there's something wrong, boring, etc be sure to tell me that as well.

I wish I knew why some people prefer characters over others, or what qualities are good about characters you think of as "good." I've been reading a book by Orson Scott Card on creating and developing characters, so hopefully that will help me get better. I like Hazel too, and included her both because Native cultures revere their elders, and because I wish I'd had a grandmother when I was growing up, who could teach me about Mexican culture and traditions.

I'm pretty sure Max will find out about the real reason Pete hacked his account in chapter 6. I had too much written for this chapter, otherwise I would have finished the steamy scene at the end. Instead, it's going into chapter 6. Chapter 5 is all about Trevor and Pete.

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Guest magicmau5
Lisa 2014-04-12 id # 3000217737 Just when I thought this would be a chapter filled with yummy white boy/Indian sex, it's a chapter with the PROMISE of white boy/Indian sex...just not with Rob and Max. lol

Magic, I LOVE the pairing of Trevor and Pete. Pete certainly needs someone he can count on. Someone besides Max. It was pretty comical how they started out fighting, only to end up in bed together. :)

Great chapter! I'm glad Pete was able to tell Trevor what his "father" (not really a father), has been doing to him. I'm just afraid now for his little sister.

As usual Magic, you always leave me wanting MORE!!!! :)

@Lisa: Well, the next chapter will definitely fulfill your wishes!

I wasn't sure how readers would react to the introduction of Trevor, who's only been mentioned in the last two chapters. I'm glad you're a fan of the pair :).

I haven't started writing the next chapter yet. I don't have writer's block so much as I'm just being lazy! I have to go to bed earlier now that I got a new job with hours starting at 8. I'm not used to waking up at 6. Anyway at least I have a job! Usually I write late at night so I'm going to have to start writing earlier, maybe in the afternoon after I get off work or earlier in the eve. We'll see.

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