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Firstly, I'd like to welcome all the new users we're seeing daily! Glad to have you here! Please do familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service and Content Guidelines. This IS a moderated archive.

Moderation Status (2014)

Updated monthly. 2013 recap here. January report here.

Dribs, Drabs and Doggy Tales

Current bi-monthly prompt is here

Current monthly prompt is here

Newly published authors

From time to time, we come across in the archive where one of the users is picked up by a publisher. Congratulations!

+sniffles+ Didn't see anyone picked up by a publisher.

Category requests and creation

There are a few ways where I'll create a new subcategory, upon request.

First (and quickest), request it in the forum. Directions for that are here. You don't need a forum login to make this request.

Request via email, at Category. The above rules apply to an email request as well.

Name the fandom in your story itself, by disclaiming it properly. I go through the misc. categories about once a week and create categories for stories where there isn't one.

Please note this does NOT apply to pair specific type categories. For those, I need to see links to 5 pre-existing stories, with the pair that you want the category for.

Disposable email

It is clearly states in the Terms of Service that we do not allow users to register with disposable email addresses. The email address is hidden in the profile, so anyone just looking at your profile will not see your email address, unless you add it to your bio yourself.

What happens when finding authors who've registered with a disposable email, is that the account is deleted.

Fan Make/Read the Book

We do not allow these types of stories. When found, these stories are deleted.

Commissioned stories

Fanfiction written for money is expressly forbidden here. If a story is found where the intent is to make money from fanfiction, it will be deleted. Users who state that they are taking commissions in profile, will get the profile cleaned, and emailed that it was done, and to not add that back. Charging money for fanfiction violates the Fair Use principles that allow this site to operate.

Funding Status

As always, we appreciate and thank everyone who can donate. It's certainly not required of the users, but every little bit helps!

Staff Added Story tags

Some users will find that their older stories will have tags added. I don't do this for all stories, only the ones we find during clean up, which either need tags which did not exist at the time of posting, or were added a long time ago with insufficient tags. It's silly of us to email the user to fix it after years of it being like that. So, in those for instances, and ONLY those for instances, I fix them. Once I add them, please don't remove them.

Stories downed by the author(s)

In the course of writing, authors will choose at times to down their work. In that for instance, we ask that you respect the decision made by the author. This means, do not use our forum to ask for copies, or try to pass around material that is not yours.

New Rating added

At the end of December, I added “SFW” as a story rating. This would equate to “K”, “G” and the like on other sites. Of course, the acronym means “safe for work”.

Tech Bits

Transitional tasks-

These are functions that normally the user would do, but while parts of the software are still the old stuff, it falls to me.

  1. Anonymous reviews turned on/off – The default is to disallow. I run a query daily to ALLOW them. If you DON'T want them enabled for you, email me and I'll make the adjustment.

  2. Old format profile – This is currently inaccessible for user edits. Users can only edit the new profile. So, if there is information in your old style profile that you want gone, again, email me and I will take care of it.

Tech support, directions given

Just to reiterate, when I email out step by DIRECTIONS on how to do something, that is exactly what they are. Not suggestions, but directions. If followed as stepped out, it works very well. This means that the user must follow them in the order the steps are given.

Center login boxes

The boxes are intended for use for activation and registration ONLY. Once you've activated and/or registered, please logout, then BACK in, using the boxes at the upper right corner of your browser screen.

Our FAQ section has much useful information. Having said that, if you're still having trouble, you can either email tech support, or post in the tech support forum. It can take me up to 48 hours to respond, due to real life obligations. Please be patient, I WILL get to you as soon as I can.

Please remember that the authors you read do like to hear from you! Leave them a review or two, and let them know how they're doing!


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Guest dazedandconfused

Hi DemonGoddess, I was just wondering about the topic of Newly published authors under Who's Ready for Spring? Does that apply to authors who stories get published as Kindle e-books on Amazon or other sites? If so, 2rainsong2, has stories that have been published and have been on the bestsellers list at Amazon. Please check the link to her website on her profile page for more info about it. I think she deserves to be recognized for her success and wanted to mention it. I hope it's ok that I posted this question on this section of the forum but didn't know where else to do it.Thanks for all the good work you all do here on AFF.

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Awesome :) Congrats to 2rainsong2. Getting published in any form is a huge achievement! Happy Spring everyone; and have a fun Valentine's Day :D

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