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Beta Reader: Deadmau5 Fandom

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I'm looking for a beta reader that knows who Deadmau5 is and maybe one that doesn't know who he is.

I'm looking for an open-minded reader, a person that can read English as well.

I'm not an English native speaker, I need my beta reader to be understanding about this.

I adore good feedback and constructive criticism, if the beta reader desires this; I will credit them in my work.

Things I want:

Grammar, maybe syntax corrections.

Rephrasing if needed.

What the reader things about a scene, how it could be modified, etc.

The fanfiction I am currently writing about does not have anything sexually related other than tension at the moment.

Main characters:

Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman)

Sunny (female character; a play on words, Sonny Moore? Maybe.)

Nancy (Sunny's superior boss)

A brief synopsis of the story can be as followed:

Sunny just graduated from College/University; she's looking for a job, but she isn't really sure of her capacities. She finds this strange ad on the local city website for a really strange job that will require her to do two different tasks for someone: outside to the eyes of the world, she becomes a fake girlfriend to the famous Deadmau5, but inside of the man's apartment; she's nothing more than a maid to him, tending to his needs (whatever that means ;) ).

I have about 8 pages down so far, that's about 5000 words. If you like Deadmau5 or you do not know who he is. Feel free to either reply here or send me a message if you have any interests in reading the fic. We can communicate by email after that if that is your desire. Actually, we can discuss all that in PM if you are chosen.

Thanks for looking! No haters, please.


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OMG deadmau5! My avatar-sake! :D I'll totally do it. I <3 EDM and deadmau5. He's actually pretty hot...did you read the 2012 Rolling Stone interview?

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