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Gundam Wing Pairing Listings

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In the Het-Male/Female section

5xSP Wufei/Sally Poe

2xH Duo/Hilde

13xU Treize/Lady Une

6xN Zechs/Noin

1xR Heero/Relena

3xC Trowa/Catherine

In the Yaoi-male/male section

1x2 Heero/Duo

3x4 Trowa/Quatre

13x6 Treize/Zechs

13x5 Treize/Wufei

In the Yuri-female/female section

DxR Dorothy/Relena

NxSP Noin/Sally Poe

For those of you who are new to the GW universe, the numbers are designated as alias' or pilot codes for the characters. Its to keep their identities a secret.

Heero Yuy aka 01

Duo Maxwell aka 02

Trowa Barton aka 03

Quatre Reberba Winner aka 04

Chang Wufei aka 05

Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft aka 06

Treize Khushrenada aka 13

Lucrezia Noin is often given the number 9 as well

As you can see, all their names are actually numbers in one language or another so it makes sense.

Also, Lady Une is not to be confused with 01 as Une does mean one in spanish. She does not have a number as far as I know of.

Relena Peacecraft =RP

Dorothy Catalonia =DC

Hilde Schbeiker =H or HS

Catherine Bloom =C or CB <--She is also Trowa's Sister. But a lot of people like to pair them together because they're in denial.

Anyway, those are the MAIN characters in the series that I could see being paired together in the forseeable future. Hope this helps everyone out!

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