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Ambiguity by Macha - responses to reviews to be left here

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Well, let me start the ball rolling, I guess. It's not my best work, but I sure did have a lot of fun writing it, and when the muses are stirred up like that, I just can't resist. It's very bad for me when I do.

Hope no one was expecting anything epic out of this G/GH PWP, because if you were, well, it's going to disappoint.

I think I'm proudest of the reason I came up with that Chichi and Goku are no longer having physical relations - the laws in her father's kingdom prohibiting it with penalties she's not willing to compromise for. I'm not certain if it is an original idea or not, because I've been reading DBZ yaoi since 2004, and I've probably forgotten more than I remember.

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tristaml 2013-09-15 id # 3000237914 Loved it was usual. I was wondering how you were going to reveal their identities and I was surprised it was Goku who did it but not disappointed. I wish there had been more after the fact but there's always room for a sequel. It was definitely a new way to uncover those emotions. I think that Goku fulfilled a desire that he was ignoring but I also wonder how many men Gohan tried beforehand just to be disappointed. Who can compare to his father? I liked the excitement at the end

Thank you, TristaML! :D Yes, there are all those unanswered questions when finishing a story so quickly. This was only meant to be a one shot. The question of how many guys Gohan's gone with was one Goku would be asking (in this universe) if the story continued. I believe the answer is, Gohan's done the glory hole a lot (he has a fetish), but this is the first time he's ever 'taken it to the next level', although he heard about how to do it from a person who knows a person who knows a person. :P I don't know if it was instinct or he just decided this time was the time - gotta love it when they leave you hangin' without those answers.

Also, if the story continued, their relationship would go on more on the up and up. Don't know backgrounds, such as, is Gohan with Videl? Was he ever with Videl in this universe? If Gohan and Videl are/were together, is there a Pan? Just don't know.

As far as Goku fulfilling a desire - yes, he tried for a long time to ignore it and finally had to leave because of it (you'll find that a reoccurring theme in most of my G/Gh stories). In this universe, Gohan didn't do his blatant 'tempting' things until after his 19th birthday.

Thank you so much for the review! Glad to see you around!

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