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W.R.E.C.K. Review Thread

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W.R.E.C.K. (found here- ) is a sequel to the story He's a Bastard (found here- ). It might be able to be read on its own without having to read HAB first, but it's still advisable to read it first. Those who reviewed the last chapter of HAB can see the last responses and final words here -


Cyrus and Revelin-

Vianis and Darryl-

Intro Review Responses-

Castris: As soon as I saw the title I thought about He's a Bastard. I'm so glad you did a sequel.
DD: That's great to hear! I was going to go the lazy route an just have it be "WRECK" without the punctuations, but 'wreck' without punctuations some how remins me of Wreck it Ralph these days, ha ha. Love that movie, but I didn't think disney'd be happy with any kind of similarity to an adult yaoi story. :3

Ellie: Ah. Excellent beginning.
DD: I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! I envision so much chaotic fun in the future. >D

on_a_mad_freaking_trip: YAY SEQUEL!!! Made my day : )
DD: Your comment made MY day. XD Glad you managed to read it before the intro got buried by the weekend updates.

AriieObsession: *giggles gleefully* go go go Cy! I think I'm going to like Vianis loads the banter between and Revelin is going to be so funny xD oh can't wait to see how he gets out of trouble for that kiss.
DD: Ariie~ You precious thing, braving a review through your phone! Yes, Revelin will definitely have his hands full with Vianis.
reader1962: : )
DD: Hi, welcome back to the insanity! I hope that all of the future chapters also bring a smile to your face. :3
guesst: a sequel to a super first story, thank you, can't wait for more.
DD: If you thought the first one was crazy...well, let's just say that this one's going to be just as crazy, if not more.
alicewonderland: Cannot wait for Revelin's explanation, please update, what a way to start a sequel!
DD: Revelin didn't really have to explain anything, Cyrus can read the look in his eyes well enough to know it wasn't intentional. Doesn't mean that he's still doesn't like it, though, ha ha. He has his own possessive streak...
Chapter 1 Review Responses-
supersized: Feel better soon, awesome update chapter nonetheless...
DD: At this point, I'm just sick of being sick. And very, very tired. I can't seem to catch up on any of my work. And all I want to do is garner enough energy to just write every story, really. Was thinking of trying to finish up really old stories I didn't meant to leave out to gather dust. ...what a long reply. Long story short, I'm not feeling as well as I should just yet. I'm glad you liked the chapter anyway. Another chapter should be on its way soon.
Chapter 4 Review Responses:
Anon: I like it a lot!!!!
DD: Hope future chapters won't disappoint.
Nanashi: I love this story, I am so excited that you updated it and want to know how long before another chapter comes out?

DD: From here on out, I will do my best to post regularly to finish it up, as it's one of the few stories I have full control over. So, at least once every two weeks.

Chapters 5-6 Review Responses:

MaddamAndRobin: I love vianis as a little sea serpent!
MaddamAndRobin: Hee hee. I like jealous cy and nosy vianis. Also all the sex... I really like that. This story is so fun.
MaddamAndRobin: I got busy with things and forgot I still needed to finish this story. I love the dragon eggs and Vi getting some love!
MaddamAndRobin: Eep! The shadows got em!
DD: Thanks so much, Robin! I'm glad you've been enjoying this silly series! Glad you liked Vi, too!
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