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Slow in the Head

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Is it just me, or does everyone else suffer from the "soon" revival memo?

You all know what I'm talking about, when you go into your iPB board to check and see when you'll be revived after someone (not naming who... *glares*) has killed you. It says the time you were killed and when you'll be revived--which is usually about an hour later, give or take a few minutes.

So you wait the hour, unless someone is kind enough to revive you first and when you go to check, it says, "soon." Ok, what the hell does "soon" mean? Because my idea of soon is like, 1 or 2 minutes later--not 5 or 6! Because that's what happening and it's really pissing me off.

Is it supposed to be doing that, or is there something wrong with the system? I'm not particularly pleased when I'm ready to start blowing people up and I can't because this stupid "soon" message won't go away, yet it seems that everyone else can kill me--even though I'm technically dead. Or because I'm waiting for the bloody message to go away--I don't know when it will, I go back a few minutes later thinking I have to be revived by now, but I'm dead--again! Because I waited too long for the damn "soon" message to dissappear and someone came up behind me and slit my throat! So now I have to wait ANOTHER hour and however many minutes becaus the stupid system screwed me--and not in the good way.

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