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Review Responses for My Perfection

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Hiya, thanks to all who reviewed Chapter 1

YuJe: Thanks, and yeah, Cannon's got some major perception changes coming his way, but he'll have help. XD

Sayure: Thanks, I'll try to post weekly, maybe faster depending on life's schedule.

Rat: I'm glad you like it. Its more Cannon's perspective than most, but I'll swing things back and forth between the two in the future. And I'll update as soon as this post gets up.

Lisa: Not so much supernatural, maybe paranormal? I'm not good with labels. Just like life has gifted people, mediums, psychics, etc, Cannon is a very strong empath with dashes of foresight. I think all of us have a little bit of sensitive to us, some just more than others. If that's too out there for you, I'm sorry. I'll explain more in the 3rd chapter. Thanks for your interest!!

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Hey again. Only one review for Chapter 2, sad but big thanks to:

Addiena_saffir: Yeah, I get bored with slow build ups. When its done wrong it makes things feel a bit rushed, and I really hope it didn't come off that way, but things will ease up a big with the whole 'character development' thing coming up.

Thanks again!


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