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W T F?

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Er..... I don't know if I should be happy about this or freaked out--but it is still kinda cool--I think I'm still in shock.

So I go into my attack shop today, like 10 minutes ago, innocently minding my own business and I go in to attack a couple of people. Heal myself, and then go off to read a few things and then I go back to my attack shop where all my items are.. . . . . . . ...... . .. .

Suddenly I have like over a 3000 healing items in my inventory!!! *falls over dead from shock*


. . .

. . . . . . .

Wow, like just, wow, seriously. Holy fucking crap. *shifty eyes* Who did it!? Or am I supposed to go around watching my back now, waiting for more shocking gifts like that?!

OMG that is so fucking freaky! *laughs*

*bows* Thank you to whomever gave me all the wonderful items. *blushes* heh, well at least I can start saving all the money I steal from BrucesGirl now.... :angry:

On an alternately different and completely off subject side note, my fucking "i" key is wigging out and won't type unless I smash at it. So if there are any missing "I"s anywhere, that's why. >.<

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Ahahahaha YAH YAH! Same happened to me! I went there and I was like O_O *looks around in suspicion* WHO?!

*totally freaked out thought had been finally taken over by Alzheimer's*

And yeah... sorry brucesgirl... *shame on me* was also leeching of your money *ashamed - not too much for some reason*


I know who did that!

*skips away~~*

.... . .... :angry: That..... makes me feel so much better.... *much sarcasm* I have an idea as to who it might be though.... *glances around* I have a wooer--or so DemonGoddess061 says. *laughs*

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Yeah, that happened to me also...

It was quite a shock :blink:

Thank you, whoever you are :)


*snickers* Now I know who it is too! *does a dance*

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