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Guest Sonique

Criminal AU story

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Guest Sonique

t's an AU story. Riku is a son of Sephiroth and Genesis (NO mpreg, just pure science!!!). After a dark difficult past, Sephiroth became a supervisor in ShinRa army and Genesis started to teach at Military Academy as a professor Rhapsodos. Even against his fathers' will, with a little help fom his step-grandfather Vincent, Riku became an elite agent (Riku's boss is Veld, Vincent's old friend). Riku and his partner, Terra, help to investigate series of crimes which have to do something with the legendary Organization XIII. Little does he know that his good friend-Axel was a former member of Organization XIII.

Nowadays Axel works as a fireman and lives a normal life with his lover.

While working on this case, Riku met his old childhood friend-Sora, who's a crime laboratory technican.

Sora and his brother-Roxas live with their father Cloud and his old friend Zack. Their origins are a bit complicated. Sora and Roxas are twin brothers, sons of Cloud and Aerith. Aerith was Zack's wife and Cloud was married to Tifa, after one night of passion this happened. Aerith died some time ago, Cloud got divorced and now tries to take care of his new family. Here we also get a chance to meet Tifa as a detective and learn about her complicated relationship with an crazy evil lawyer Loz, Riku's brother.

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