[Birthday request] Fantasy one-shots

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Birthday: May 10

Time limit: none. You can get it done whenever. xD

Word limit: 500+ make it long plus.

Ok I'm asking for any fantasy based one-shot with fox demons, and such. I'm asking for this for my 25th birthday... since I'm not really getting anything else from anyone but my best friend.

Anyways. I would like a few one-shots that have something to do with nine tail fox demons, dog demons, any demon with soft ears and tail(s). Vampires are allowed too. XD just no twilight vampires.

What kind of one-shot? Yaoi. M/M

You can do twins, best demons, etc. I don't mind. I'm also ok with shoja. Just go wild. heh


Ok I still want to get a few one-shots since I love reading stories by others. But I'm changing a lot of things. Since request will be for all years after this year. XD

Also I changed what I would like. But keep in mind, I'm not picky.

What kind of one-shot: M/F or M/M or M/f/M

Favorite fantasy races: Fox/Dog/Wolf demon, Vampires(none twilight), Furry, Shifters of all kinds and Dragons.

Note: I'm really into human girls paired up with Paranormal male.

I may re-edit this with an off-site link that is about a custom race I made up that might make your stories more interesting. But I don't know.

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Guest Tim Powers

I might be willing to do something with this, but what location or era would you prefer the shorts take place? Do you want the demons to be more or less human in appearance? Also, by shoja, did you mean shota? Because that would be where I draw the line. And how strong do you want the content?

contact me at

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Guest VictoriaSchmitt

I would love to do a few one-shots for you! Just let me know any specifics you have in mind. Do they have to be demons? I could do a few one-shots with demons, maybe a few in the future with animal spliced DNA?

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