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The Touch of Winter-My First Lemon

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Alright, not much to say here. I think I did okay with it, besides its more for the sex than plot anyways. This is also where I will post my responses to reviews if I feel the need to.

Author: Kakashifan727

Title: The Touch of Winter

Summary: ReaderXFrost. Oneshot. You can't sleep, and you find a stranger near your window.

Fandom: Rise of the Gaurdians (I need to go die in a fire, but Frost is just so adorable)

Pairing: ReaderXJack Frost

Rating: Adult+

It is a Solo for now, but ask and I will add things; this may also mean adding more tags in the description/Authors Note since they wwon't fit in the summary.

Tags: Handjob, Vanillia, Other, Angst, WAFF, Hurt/Comfort

Feedback: Mostly on thr sex. Was it too long? Was I too descriptive/step by step? Was it realisitc or felt forced (Besides the fact that its a PWP)? Do you want me to add more kinks? Maybe change the PoV? I was really going for a 'It's our first time' type of thing with the emotions and how the vhars messed up.

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