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Guest Jaxxy

Site News: 2/11/08

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Guest Jaxxy

As of just a few days ago, it's officially the Year of the Rat (or "Nezumi", for the benefit of our oh-so-many fans of the Japanese language). Everything old is new again! :D

The Rat is the first sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Rat, being the first one to have successfully crossed that celestial river and sit at the foot of the Jade Emperor so long ago, is considered to bring a time of new beginnings and material prosperity wherever he goes. When he visits us this time every twelve years, imploring the people of the world to start anew, it can be quite an enterprising time!

Accordingly, the Staff has finally finished dusting off and recreating our Advertising System. If you want to learn about it, we've posted just about all the information you could want on our Advertising Information page (which you can always find through the site's Central Index -- it's on the drop-down menu under the "Advertising" tab). Come see what we've got to offer! We can give you quite a bit of bang for your buck.

We encourage you to consider taking out a banner ad with us if you think your website or business could benefit from being seen by our tens of thousands of monthly visitors. The funds we receive from our advertising program constitute the greatest chunk of our treasury, and last month, our server bill with Nexcess came in at just under $700.00 USD! ;)

The skyrocketing of our server costs (from $575.00 USD a month to $700.00 USD in January) was because of some bandwidth overages we accumulated due to the boom we're experiencing in both Archive Membership and Forum usage. Needless to say, I've got to purchase us a whole new plan now, if we are to keep all of the Forum's nifty features available to you!

We're thrilled half to death that you love the new things has to offer, and if our enthusiasm alone could pay Nexcess and our core Staff, we'd never have to raise another cent. However, Planet Earth being what it is, we've got to pay the bills in something other than starlight and dreams.

Thanks for reading! Do consider advertising with us. If you've got nothing to promote, just drop a few dollars in the hat -- you do your part and we'll remain excited to do ours.

Thanks for coming to know and love our Forum. Our fondest wishes of prosperity and renewal to all!

Squeek! :D

-- Jaxxy

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