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Dance of the vampires

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Count von Krolock has finally lured Sarah into his castle. And since she's so much more different than the other women he's met in the past, he doesn't want to scare her. But Sarah IS scared. Even more than she's curious and hungry for freedom. But the Count is hungry, too. Not only for her blood. There's something else he wants much more, his impatience growing with every hour Sarah's trying to avoid him. And being the fearsome, powerful vampire count he is, he's used to getting what he wants, even if he has to take it by force.

Hey there!
Yet an other challenge by me, for I'm unable to write good fanfics, so: sorry - kinda. I know that there're some good Krolock/Sarah fics out there, but they're all rather fluffy. I'd like to read something different. As written above, Krolock will get what he wants. Sarah may eventually get used to his rough and greedy treatment and like it - or not; that's up to you. But I don't think a virgin would like it right from the start when a vampire count is finally getting what he's wanted and needed for a very long time. But that's only what I would like to read. Of course you may change some things if you aren't comfortable with my suggestion. Or you may even write something completely different (I just didn't want to drown you in my ideas so you wouldn't be able to bring on your own ideas ;D) as long as it isn't too romantic or fluffy. So..yeah, I think that's it... Hope someone will answer this challenge, even though it's apparantly quite strange and special for this pairing..... See ya! :D

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