The Artifact ( A Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fan Story)

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Author: EnergizeMe (myself)
Title: The Artifact
Summary: Definitely not PWP. Noel discovers a new gateway to a world he has never experienced before. Once he's arrived, he's thrown into a violent struggle between three independent powers to gain control, respect, and revenge on the others. While he tries to sort out exactly what problem he needs to solve, he realizes he's falling in love with somebody who can't love him back. While the powers flex their wrath and charge, the reader is left to decide who is truly righteous?
Feedback: Welcome. I'm looking for information about what parings people might be interested in, too.
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Pairing: All is fair in love and war. In order of appearance: Vanille (solo), Snow/Noel (daydream), Fang/Vanille (UST), Noel/ Hope, Cid Raines/Hope, Fang/Alyssa, Alyssa/Hope (UST), Hope/PSICOM Prisoner (implied), [with more to come]
Warnings: an Adult ++ story. AU (Technically, ALL FF13-2 is AU), Abuse, Anal, AFFO, Angst, Bi, BDSM, CR, Exhib, F/F, Fet, Fingering, H/C, HJ, Humil, M/F, M/M, MCD*, Oral, RapeFic, Rim, SH, Solo, Spank, Tort, Toys, UST, Violence **NOTE: MCD -> Major Character Death, as in there is a lot of death. This is war.** Some of these tags are quite obvious, and some of them are lightly implied. To be safe, I include all.

Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered story I'd also like to include that there is B-MOD, but this isn't a standard AFF tag. Also, one might be able to identify the BMOD with the "toy" category. ;}
URL: http://ff.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600083166

Chapter 3 Excerpt:

How ridiculous was this woman that she demanded answers that he couldn't articulate with what she'd shoved in his mouth? It was really wet now and he found his head swimming with too many desires to sacrifice one for the other.

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Hey, folks. I'm having a good time with this. You may not realize it, but I'm actually playing a game with my readers. It's a pretty lame game, but I think it's pretty fun anyway.

Anyway, I'm honored that everyone is still reading it because I honestly don't expect a lot of people have played this game--even though it's been out for two years already. (Two years, is that right? I'll have to double check. It seems wrong to me.) I hope people are excited to learn that there will be an end to the story too, and that i've already decided the ending. It's not coming especially soon, and will probably result in the story being something like 25 chapters. Eh, that's just another numerical estimate. But, when I finish this one i"ll be able to go back and detail exactly what happened that I know that I'm not going to cover. It'll be something like star wars where they go back and explain something that happens in the beginning...

The Cid Raines x Hope Estheim x Lieutenant Colonel Yaag Rosch five month spanse that worked so well to really fuck up the poor guy.

Sometimes when I'm writing it, I have to sit back and think to myself...

Sweet Jesus. This poor guy. He's as old as I am. Can I imagine myself going through half of the shit that he went through? It really helps me to imagine what it was like for him.

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