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Donno how many of us there are, but I have an offering.

I've created an FFX Complete Script website, including all NPC dialog and alternate cutscenes for minor characters like Luzzu and Gatta.

I've got more lines than the other excellent but not-quite-as-complete script that you've probably found on GameFAQ. I've linked it to screencaps of all the npcs. You can download the whole script, or browse it by chapter; you can show/hide optional dialog with party members, secondary characters like Isaaru and Lucil, and/or the unnamed npcs.

Hope it's useful to somebody. Kinda crazy to make another complete script when there was one already flapping around out there, but I wanted to be able to track the various recurring Crusaders and villagers who may not have names, but still have minor backstories and personality quirks you miss when they're all indiscriminately labelled "man" or "woman." Also, I found a few extra hidden cutscenes that Shotgunnova's doesn't have (although I've emailed him the transcripts for O'aka's last scene, so he's added that now).

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