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How To Use This Forum To Report A Plagiarist

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  • Start a new topic
  • Link to the stolen story
  • Link to the original, wherever posted. If it's an actual published work in print, provide that information.
  • The EXACT reason you think the story is plagiarized. If it is word for word, say so. If it is paraphrased, provide the details of where the stories are identical, and where they have been changed.

If, after reporting, you see the topic disappear? It's because I MOVED it to the our research forums.

If you just want to report something like this via email, please send that report to with Plagiarism in the title.

Plagiarism reports ONLY apply to occurrences on THIS SITE. If you see one of our users being stolen from elsewhere, by all means, email in the report. We'll contact the user and inform them. As it is OFF SITE, there's not much more I can do about it other than that.

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