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Review Replies/Author notes Chapter 13

Thank you all so much for taking the time to tell me how you feel and for rating the story!!!!

Snow- Thank you <3 I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Rayne- Wow! Brilliant?! lol thanks I am very flattered.

Viperbites- I knew you were going to say something about Inukimi. You'll get to hate her for just a little while longer, but don't be so quick to write her off as mean spirited. She has reasons for everything that she does, and a lot of what she tells people is lies.

Midnightsscream- Thanks for giving the story another chance. I went into it knowing that the multiple pairings would be a turn off for some people, and that has always been in the back of my mind. And I like a broken Sesshomaru :) Although I would argue to say that as broken as he is in this story he is also quite strong.

I hope you all enjoy the coming chapters. Spiel Mit Mir is close to being completed. I estimate 2-3 more chapters will be left. I wrote ahead in October so that I could post while doing nanowrimo!

And then for the news! There will be a sequel! Back when the original version was posted I started to work on a sequel called 'Kuss Mich' (kiss me), but only had one or two chapters posted before I lost everything. The plan from the beginning of rewriting Spiel Mit Mir, was to make it sequel friendly.

Thank you all again! Read, Review, Rate! I love to hear from people.

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Review Replies chapter 14:

midnightsscream ~ thanks for the review. the plot was rather worrisome wasn't it? I wanted to show that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru could fall victim to things like that, but that their relationship had progressed to a point where it wouldn't break them. And as for Inukimi, don't discredit her as a generic bad guy yet. She's difficult, but I will drop a hint that she really is doing this because she thinks its the best thing for Sesshomaru... you'll have to keep reading to find out why!

username-classified ~ rofl... ROFL... damn you are lucky I know you irl. part of me wants to smack you because I think you might have scared away my reviewers, and part of me gets a kick out of reading your review... especially the 'maid' part. Thanks for acknowledging that I am trying to keep them sociably/politically responsible in this story. It is so unfortunately true that not everything can be dropped after some good sex!

Thanks everyone!

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Review Replies chapter 16 (looks back at posts... I think I missed a chapter...)

username-classified: ha... you're funny. And yes... isn't it so interesting that myoga and inukimi are only concerned with Sesshomaru's well being? I wonder why that is? (author looks about innocently)

Raven: Thanks for the review, and to clarify some things for you: The roles and motivations of Sesshomaru's parents in the curse are supposed to be murky. Sesshomaru believes that his father wasn't strong enough to fight the curse and was therefore unable to stop himself; perhaps, that is the only way he can come to terms with what happened. Where on the other hand Myoga believes that Touga's actions were protective, and maybe that is just a reflection of how he dealt with it. It is possible that Myoga cannot see any fault in Touga, because he idolizes his former lord.

In the end it doesn't really matter what the motivation was, but what the response to the actions were.

Second question: yes Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are mates in this story. There doesn't need to be a reciprocal mark for the status to be there. As Sesshomaru explained earlier a reciprocal mark only makes the bond stronger and more effective.

And then final question: Is Sesshomaru going to go through a coming of age? Well you'll just have to wait and see. :thumbsup:

Viperbites: thanks!

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