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Twilight Slash

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So I don't know if anyone is willing to do this but I had this idea in mind and I was wondering if anyone would do it.

The idea came to me after accidentally reading a Bella/Charlie fic

Anyways the idea is for a male Bella Twilight fanfic where the Male Bella is gay and along with the shields has an ability to attract men to him, even if they are straight.

At first the ability should be somewhat weak as a human where the lust only occurs over prolonged exposure to the male Bella and can be fought.

Anyways one of M.Bella's crushes and victims happens to be Phil and because of this attraction they both feel M.Bella goes to Forks to live with his Dad.

However since I don't want this to be a slash mirror of Twilight I would like a few changes from the original plot.

The ideas involve

1) Bella getting turned by James instead of being saved in time by Edward.

2) Bella will be at least with three men and that would his/her Daddy Charlie (so incest warning), Edward and Jacob with Charlie also getting turned into a vampire somehow, maybe through Victoria.

3) Jessica tries to get a date with Bella instead of Mike but is rejected and refuses to be around him later, I always saw her as a backstabber.

4) Charlie is the top of the harem and Bella is the bottom.

5) the power becomes stronger after being turned

6) this is a multi chaptered plot story

anything else is up to you or I would suggest it later

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