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My Hunger Games Challenges

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Guest MelodyPotterSnape

Reading A Hunger Games Fanfic

This is a reading a fanfic challenge. Though it's not them going hey there is a fanfic about us lets read it; the fanfic is how their lives would have played out if they didn't read it.


If you want to have them read the books that's okay but the books must have changes. Including the ones in the requirements.

Before Katniss's Hunger Games the contestants, Gale, the mentors, and whoever else you want in some fashion read the Hunger Games. With a twist they are reading a fanfic not the actual books.(unless you chose the path were you make changes to the books)


1) the Peacekeepers required something from her in order for her to be able to sell what she hunted. whether it was her to do favors, act as a maid, or if you want to go real angsty with it sexual favors. Its one main reason why she cant forgive and blames her mother. Nobody knows till the books are read.

2)the pairing cannot be Peeta/Kat.

3)she knows from what the peacekeepers have said that the winners have terrible lives after

4)when Peeta announces his affection for her she is pissed caused he just assured that if she wins she becomes the Capital's playgirl.

5) she was friendly with Haymitch before the game. She helped him home one day after he got drunk. since than she comes and cleans his home a little and keeps him company.

6)Haymitch taught her some useful information about the hunger games when she visits. Essentially he'll teach her an odd trick or two icase she gets chosen. Not like a career though! Example: He could teach her how to throw a knife better stuff like that.

Optional (just some ideas to inspire you):

1) She could have dislike Peeta before the games.(Example: Instead of him giving her bread he kicked her and instead someone else save her)

2) She could have had an older sister(or relative) who after winning the games committed suicide so not to be controlled.

3) She could be creating or apart of an underground rebel group that is already getting prepared to try to overthrow the capital.

4) The miners(Gale's and Katniss's fathers) that died aren't dead and are actually doing the dirtywork of the rebellion since no one would notice a dead person missing.



It has to either be a past MALE mentor, a male contestant, or Gale. You can even have it where in the 'book' they are reading she ends up with one person but as they're reading aloud she falls for another.

Imaginary cookies if you can have her end up with Gale in the books but Haymitch outside of them.

Badass Katniss

Growing up Haymitch in some way saved her. She then tries to repay him by helping him as much as she can. They talk about the games one time and she tells him how she is worried that she is going to be picked cause of how many times her name is in for it. So he decides to train her. He is also going to teach her to do things she did in the original books(partnering up with the little girl from district 11) so that she can inspire the people for a rebellion. She essentially goes into the game with the training of a career but not the mentality.


No Peeta/Katniss. No Katniss/female


You can pair her with anyone but I would love to see a Katniss/male contestant. I would love to see how someone gets her to interact enough with someone of another district enough to have her fall for him.

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