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Creating an account with an invalid archive ID

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First of all, there are SOME special circumstances where this is allowable, and in fact done. However, the forum is set up to where one is supposed to have an archive ID to be able to create a login for it.

Say, for example, you've visited the site for a long time and simply don't choose to create a login. I did that for many years myself, so I do understand that. Finally created a login for reviewing purposes only (for those writers who require logged in reviews), as I'm not a writer. In any case, should you want to join the forum, and don't have an archive ID, email me at with your reasons as to why you REAAAALLLLY don't want an archive ID, and would still like to be active in the board. I'll take it from there.

Otherwise, one can safely assume that UNLESS I know about it, and the reasons why one is logged into forum without an archive ID, that your user ID will be deleted from forum.

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