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Rules for this forum.

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This is our rant and journal forum, any member who wishes to "speak" up about their day, or what irks them, they can now start a thread here, and rant away!

But like the rest of the boards in this forum, there will be some rules.

Those that are available in the main Aimless Babble still apply here, along with these next two:

One thing we wish to state, no rants about fellow AFF members or staff (including those who belong only to the main site). If you have an issue with someone on the forums (or the main site) please try to resolve it privately via the use of the PM system or by e-mail if both of you have e-mails listed here. If the other party is being abusive, or unresponsive, please bring it to the attention of the forum moderators for help in resolving the issue.

If you want feedback, or rather not, please make sure to state so in your thread.

Above all ladies and gentlemen, please respect each other's opinion. As all threads are going to be the personal opinions of those who start them, if something they say bothers you . . . do not read their posts.

And if you have a problem with a board member and you need a mediator to work things out, feel free to contact any of the mods.

Thanks again and feel free to rant away.


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