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Spam Topics and Spammers

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A spam topic, is one in which it is the same topic, blasted througout the board. A good example of this would be where a spammer has created a login, and the next thing you know, you have links to pill sites in every forum in the board.

There are tools in place to prevent spambots from infesting the board, however, a DEDICATED spammer will actually sit through the verfication process in order to be able to spam a discussion board. ANY discussion board.

What happens next

These type of topics are ALL moved to the "spam graveyard". A member who comes onto the board with the express purpose of spamming the board, will be suspended INDEFINITELY. If upon further checking, that it is found that a new spammer is actually an old one that was suspended, then that person will be banned.

Keep in mind that a spammer isn't just someone really concerned about the size of your penis, or desperate to help you out by selling you cheap pills. If you have a great story that you feel everyone should read and you subsequently post a link to it on multiple forums across the board, then you're a spammer and will likely get suspended.

If you'd like to promote a story that you've uploaded to the AFF archive, then we have a forum for that: Promote a story forum

If you have a website or a forum you'd like to promote, or if you'd like to place an ad asking for role players, etc, then we have a forum for that, too: Great wall of...

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