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Review replies! June 23, 2012

*After this, I think I can reply to you call separately....let's see if I can learn to use this. :pcwhack:

PLUS: Sorry for the long time in updating. I've had the misfortune of having BOTH my laptop and desktop die...and have had to reset them both to factory condition. Oh, joy. :blink:

Thank you ALL. I SO totally appreciate you taking the time to review! :mademyday:

I’m incredibly happy you like it so far, and I’ve loved all your reviews. <3 Thank you!!!

Madamdragon: I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t appreciate you. I look forward to your reviews VERY much, and they always inspire me. If I haven’t told you that before, then it was my mistake. I DO love your reviews SO much….and I really appreciate the time you take to write them. :twirl: Good luck with the job-hunt…I wish I could help! And I really hope you like this chapter. Sorry for the cliffhanger here, but I'll post the rest really soon.

Vyperbites: Thank you! I could have written them dancing for pages and pages. :D I can see it so clearly in my mind…I’m so happy that you found it as romantic as I did. :)

Nikkie23534: Thank you! About Rin…I think she’s been thru way too much with her Sesshoumaru-sama to pass out about ANYthing. B-) Ha. And I’m really happy you enjoy the lemons. I DO try really hard with them. :) I only post here and on y!G, but I believe I know the site you’re talking about. It’s part of why this isn’t posted there so far. ;)

I’m glad you liked Kagai, and his name. I really took my time to choose a good name for him. (I actually work hard on all my original character’s names, wanting them to ‘fit’ each person.) I hate that I left you all with a ‘cliff-hanger’ this time, but I want this next chapter to come out perfect. And yep, about his mate…it DOES seem that the most evil DO need one innocent thing in their life.

<3 Thank you!!!

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Madamdragon: Sorry, but it'll do worse, that little stone. Hopefully you won't all hate me for this one. I'll update soon, I promise. Thank you, as're fantastic.

Vyperbites: More trouble to come, I'm afraid. Maybe I can continue to surprise you all.

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Review replies! June 26, 2012. Posting Chapter 30 now. :yahoo:

First let me say...when you guys review, it just totally inspires me. :wub: You're so awesome for taking the time to let me know what you think. :worship:

Vyperbites: Let me know what you think after you read Chapter 30. :angel: Thank you SO much for always reviewing…I always look forward to seeing what you will say. :hug:

Madamdragon: I know I’m cruel. So many wanted ‘drama’…so I tried. :whistle: I can’t see it lasting long, so I’ll have to think up other drama for later. This story is far from over…I have too many ideas left. Thank you SO much…I always watch for your reviews…you guys totally make my day. :hug:

KEdakumi: *catches food* Thank you! Cookies next time, ‘kay? :flirtysmile: I’m so happy you’re enjoying it. Continue to let me know what you think!

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Review replies from the end of Chapter 27, since I have to remove them from the story page. :)

Johbam: Thanks for taking the time to write! I have a feeling that, rather than ‘mood-swings’, he’ll just be the crabby Hanyou we all love…just for longer periods of time. ;) Hope you liked Sesshoumaru’s ‘retaliation’. :)

Themysticaldragon: And I need to get over to READ yours. I’ve not allowed myself to read much else while writing this. Mostly because I get far too ‘into’ reading, and can spend hours…then I have no time to write!

Madamdragon: You have no idea how nice it is to have someone review so often. You’re awesome. I think you’ll like my punishments for Jaken…it’s like the ‘gift that keeps on giving’…since I can keep that going for a while. I only hope I can continue to surprise you.

Rustaam: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. And yeah, they’ll also have a house full of other kids too…sanity should be in short supply. ;)

RukiRomance: Gosh, you should see what the inside of my head is like. I AM the voyeuristic pervert in this scenario… ;) I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it is to have you say that…makes me feel fantastic that I managed to get out what was in my head, and make it clear. Thank you!

Nikkie23534: OMG…your review made me SO happy. (So happy that I’ve been writing like crazy…Chapter 27 has become the next 3 chapters or so, and my only delay in posting is that I need to break this monster up.) To know you like it so much, it totally inspires me. You actually remind me of me when I review a story I really love…with such enthusiasm…it’s just amazing. Thank you! Reading everything you wrote, truly, I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time…so much that my Husband was really wondering WHAT I could possibly be reading.

You saying I am an ‘artist’….I can’t begin to find words to tell you how amazing that makes me feel. I used to be an artist, but a surgery went wrong, and now my hands shake too much…so I finally decided to try writing…hoping I could get those images in my mind down on paper in a ‘different’ way. Thank you, SO MUCH, for saying that. (And don’t worry, I’m not upset in any way…I got over the pain of it all a long time ago.)

About Kagome…I have no plans to bring her back. Of course, I can’t say they won’t see her in 500 years or so, and if that happens, Sesshoumaru is just the kind of male that holds a grudge, so he’d probably kill her horribly. I know the angst is hinted at here, finally…and there’s more to come of that too. I decided on a cliff-hanger here in that respect…mostly because I had to break this up, NOT because I am trying to be cruel. (Those kill me in stories I love to read.)

I had wanted them to be true equals, so I’ve tried really hard to capture that. Part of why I had Inu’s pregnancy happen the way it did is so that it wouldn’t be because he was somehow weaker, but that, he was in fact very powerful. I’d want them to have a perfect relationship, or as close to perfect as is possible…mostly because I think they both suffered enough. Of course, life isn’t like that, right? So I can write in angst, and let them love each other through it. I hope you enjoyed this chapter too, and thank you again for the incredible review. You were my inspiration this chapter…I’d been ‘stuck’, and you ‘unstuck’ me.


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Review replies: from 2012-05-28

Bayley: Not too sure yet. I’ve been writing this for a little while now, so I’ve been able to post more than one chapter a day, once I’ve beta’d them. It’s still a WIP, and quite honestly, I have no idea how it will end. I AM thinking of ways for them to have pups…but I haven’t decided quite how. I never used to like MPreg, but I’ve since read some that were really well done, and I’ve actually liked those, but I’m not sure I could write it right. So I haven’t decided. I’ve loved all the reviews, and they ARE giving me some great ideas. :) (I am totally open to suggestions & requests. Not sure if or how I can use them, but I have used some ideas already.) It makes me feel SO awesome to know you are enjoying this. (And yep, can’t wait to see where ‘Sating Urges’ goes.) <3

Madamdragon: Yep, I’ve got some light drama coming really soon, then some ideas for some heavier drama later. It’s totally a WIP, and I haven’t really decided yet. Never having written anything before, I just ‘started writing’ this one day, with no defined place as to WHERE I was GOING with it. Not sure if that makes any sense…but my ideas for future chapters ARE coming together. The next couple of chapters are REALLY long, but they may be the last I post for a week or so. Of course, if I get them done sooner, they’ll be here. Suggestions like yours are awesome…because they DO give me ideas. <3

themysticaldragon: Thank you! <3 I’ve always loved that about this pairing too. The passion possible…just too good. I’ve been very inspired by some awesome art…and trust me, the chapters coming up that I have written already ARE very explosive. XD

maegerakawaii: I’ve got their mating written already. XD Lots of links to some really fantastic InuXSess art that inspired me…very volatile. I hope you’ll like it as much as I already do. This chapter (19) is long….and I”ll have 20 posted soon, and THAT is even longer, AND has some other things resolved that others have asked about. I’ve gotta get to writing more, since I only have a couple of chapters written past 20.

Dumplin139: Nope…no more Kagome. I only had her in there because I was basing this on how IY:tFA ended…and wanted to write the way I wanted it to end. So I had to ‘take care of the Kagome issue.’ Who knows, maybe in 500 years they run into her. Literally. Like with a truck. Ha.

I hope you enjoy this chapter and the next!

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Review replies: from the end of Chapter 20

Vyperbites: C’mon. You truly thought I could hold off on their mating for a month? ;) I hope you weren’t disappointed in this chapter. :) Thank you so much for what you said. I do try really hard to describe all of this the way I see it in my mind. Knowing you can ‘see’ it too, well…it totally makes it all worthwhile. <3

Botticelliangel: The first chapters were hard for me, because of that…I was trying to ‘set up’ the end of the anime, so I could have it end AND keep going the way I wanted it. ;) Thank you for sticking with it, and I hope you continue to enjoy it! :)

Madamdragon: Thank you so much. :) And yeah, I’ve always been one of those readers who hated when stories weren’t updated, or were dropped completely. I began writing this a little while ago, so I’m able to post the chapters I have done already once I beta them. After this, it will probably slow a little. ;) I’m still hoping to go to 1-2 a week once I get ‘caught up’. ;) Thank you for letting me know what you think!

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Review replies: from the end of Chapter 21

Themysticaldragon: For sure about the artwork. And yep, Sesshoumaru’s tender side shouldn’t be seen by many others. Can’t have him changing his entire personality…right? It’s part of what we love about him.

Vyperbites: Thank you so much! I’ve really tried to show them as real beings, with real feelings. Sure, Sesshoumaru has his reputation for being ‘ice’, and Inuyasha has his for not wanting to face his own feelings. But I would think that, at least in his own home, Sesshoumaru would ‘relax’ a little. And Inuyasha, after having nothing for his entire life, I would think it would be very emotional. You know? Plus, if Sesshoumaru is seeing clearly what he has done wrong, I would think he’s the type to try to ‘overdo’ it a little, in ‘making it up’. And I think you read as fast as I do. ;) I saw your 2nd comment and it wasn’t that long after I had posted it. I hope you continue to enjoy this.

Maegerakawaii: I’m so happy you enjoyed their mating. And about Kagome…the only way I can see her re-entering the picture is in 500 years. ;) Maybe Sess and Inu can run her over with a car or something. ;) I’m really working hard to have ‘drama’ in this for later…but, like any good mating, they should have a honeymoon, don’t you think?

Madamdragon: Thank you. :) I’ve got some drama coming up, but I think they should have a kind of honeymoon first…at least for a few days. Not to say no drama for those days, but not so much. More later.

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Review replies: from the end of Chapter 23:

You guys that review totally ROCK. Seriously. I never realized how much it would inspire me to write, reading reviews like yours. But it definitely does. You guys are all just awesome. :)

Madamdragon: Thank you, thank you. (*bows*) ;) Yeah, gotta have at least a couple of days of honeymoon. And while there will be ‘drama’ coming up, I can truly say that I can’t see them any way BUT faithful to each other. You know? You have a fantastic mate, why look elsewhere? ;) And I try hard…the hotter the sex to read, the better I feel when I’m sick. ;)

Rustaam: Thank you for the review! I hope you can continue to enjoy it. :)

Vyperbites: Thank you. I’ve really enjoyed your writing for a very long time. I left reviews under another name…but long term hospital stays happened, and I don’t have a single clue as to even my old email addresses. To have you review and say such wonderful things, it really means a lot to me. <3 You’re awesome.

Cutelaughter: Yes, and it’s one of my all-time favorite stories. Let me know the similarities you see, and I can tell you how I’ve deliberately made mine different. (You can use my YM for that if you want; it’s on my profile page.) Unfortunately, there are only SO many ways to DO things with these two, and keep it so it’s close to canon…close to ‘believable’ with them. MMC’s story is similar in some ways to others too…and I’m sure mine is similar to other authors besides this. ;) Maybe I’m just not creative enough to come up with something so totally different that it’s unlike anything else. But I’m certainly trying.

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Review replies: from the end of Chapter 24:

Madamdragon: Yes, I am certain the entire castle heard them, or at the very least, thought it was some kind of seismic shift. Japan IS known for its earthquakes, and many of those are more rumbles through the earth with only light shaking. ;) And yep, as long as I can sit up in bed, this totally makes me feel better. :) Also, yes, I have some ideas of where I want to go with this later…with people’s prejudice.

Vyperbites: Thank you! <3 I see things very vividly usually, and I try really hard to make it so others can see the same things I see. ;) Sometimes I want to pitch my laptop across the room. ;) Not sure though…my muse is fighting me, but I’ll beat it into submission. Thanks again for your reviews. They mean a lot; especially when I’m struggling like I am now. (I need to get over to read more of your stories again…maybe my muse will be inspired again.) :)

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Review replies: from the end of Chapter 25.

Thank you ALL.

I SO totally appreciate you taking the time to review! <3

Vyperbites: ~I feel the same. When I write each part, Sesshoumaru or Inuyasha, I try to think of how I would feel, or what I would say if I were them. If I were Inuyasha, I’d feel like that, regretting any I had before. (Honestly, I DO feel like that still, with my husband. I don’t regret the love I’ve felt before, but I wish I could have found him first. So I guess that’s where that comes from.) I also think that, if I were in their places, I’d not want to waste any more time. The centuries spent fighting and apart…they now have the chance to love each other, and I don’t think they would want to waste time by hiding their feelings or only hinting at them. Both are very strong-willed, and I can’t see them only ‘hinting’ at things. ;) They are both more the type to ‘jump right in’…at least that is how I see them. ;)

Madamdragon: ~I think that is the sign of true devotion…giving everything you have to that person. So much so, that when it’s over, you have nothing left. I guess I’m pretty lucky that way…I have a fantastic husband who is my lover and best friend, and that’s what he does to me.

RukiRomance: ~Thank you! It totally makes my day and really inspires me when I find someone else who is enjoying this. I really appreciate you taking the time to review. And obviously, I totally feel the same way….they were meant to be together. <3 (I know it starts a little slow, but I think after the first few chapters, it gets better. I was trying to ‘re-write’ the end of ‘The Final Act’, in a way I wanted it…so that’s why I wrote the first chapters like I did. Hopefully the rest makes up for it.) ;)

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Hi everyone.

I didn't want you all to think I've given up on this story. I haven't.

My husband & I both lost our jobs, then lost where we were living...and have been packing/moving/and off the grid for months now. I'm about to go insane with the 1990's era internet where I am.

As soon as we get another place, I'll have my normal internet back, and I can start posting again.

If you'd like to contact me, use the email on my profile: I can't check it often, but I'll try my best.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, if you would. For one as addicted to the internet as I am, this has been crazy.

I've been writing as much as I can, and when I can finally start posting again, I'll be able to upload a lot.

You've all been SO awesome.

I hope the rest of 2012 is great for you all.

Love, InuSess-style....


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Review replies: 12/12/12 :mademyday:

Here is some art to go with your porn. :drool:



And something like their Mating Marks: post-22538-0-34934900-1355357044_thumb.png

You guys totally rock!


Thank you! You inspired me yet again, you know. I meant to have their mating ceremony in this chapter…but got carried away once again. Hope you still like it. Expect the ceremony in chapter 34 or so. ;) Lots coming in chapter 33 too…not sure if I’ll get to the ceremony before 34. Really hope you liked Inu’s tail and transformation…I’d thought of waiting on that too, but your review convinced me not to. Love you and your reviews!!!! (also…email me if you want and I can send you pics done for the story. XD They turned out really great and I’m SO proud.


You are most welcome! I just wish I felt better…in a lot of pain and I don’t think I write as well when I’m like this. Thank you for what you said…I really DO try hard to keep it in canon as much as possible. I hope you’ve been feeling better!


Thank you! I love hearing that! <3


WOW. Now that isn’t something I ever thought I’d hear! Thank you! Maybe I will try that…after I finish this. I still have so much in my head for this story, and I’m in way too much pain right now to think of trying to be creative on anything else. But I’ll certainly let you know if and when I do it!

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