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Guest Jaxxy

Site News: 11/7/07

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Guest Jaxxy

I am proud and honored to be able announce a whole slew of updates to tonight.

Brand New Stuff

- Centralized login:

--- Members now only have to log in once, and they're logged in to all Archives on the site.

- Show / Hide option:

--- Members now have the choice as to whether or not they wish to see the often long list of Members Online. Just click Show me who is online now! in the upper left of this page to check everyone out, and click Hide all active Users to make the list disappear again.

- Control Panel subdomain jump menu:

--- Members can now go to their Control Panel in any Archive via a single

drop-down menu from the Control Panel in the Archive they logged into.

- Author Profile Page jump menu:

--- Members can now go to their Author Profile in any Archive via a single

drop-down menu from the Author Profile Page in the Archive they logged into.

Long Needed Overhauls

- The Latest Page:

--- Fixed! New Stories, new chapters, and updated chapters will now show up in the proper sequence.

- Formatting Errors:

--- Fixed! No more pages on the site, whether Story Listing Pages or Stories themselves, will require that you scroll further to the right than the proper size of the window.

- Ratings:

--- Fixed! Your ratings should now show up on the Latest Page just as they do anywhere else on the site.

- Story Pages:

--- The coding issues that were causing random apostrophes and slashes to show up in Story text for time out of mind have finally been located and corrected.

There have been many other small fixes that've been applied, but they are perhaps too numerous and too here-and-there to name. It's likely you'll notice them, even though -- they are system-wide, and the improvement in's overall performance can't help but show.

So, let's hear it for our wonderful new Technical Staff! Manta2g, DemonGoddess, and xax, we just couldn't have done it without you. If you see these guys wandering about, please be sure to show them your gratitude for the time, energy, and superlative skill they've invested in the site. From what they tell me, this is only the start.

Want to do your part? Feel free to make a donation to We've got our eye on some new Forums software, and we can't wait to show you what we can do with that, too. We only have to buy it first!

Now, go enjoy a Story or three, with much more convenience than before, we think.

-- Jaxxy

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