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The Sons

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I wanted to use this thread to reply to some of the reviews I've gotten:

I-Will-Change-the-World : What a unique perspective of the Sons. I do not typically like these types of stories, but it seemed so different that I had to satisfy my curiosity with a glance. :)

Thank you for checking out my fic! :P

I've never come across a fic like this myself, and I'm glad you were curious enough to take a peek.

Kanashana: oh man i love it!!!!! i normally don't leave reviews but i guess you could say im perverted lol i hope you post soon i like the idea you have kinda scary but i like the scenarios!!!

LOL, thank you very much. Don't worry, I'm just as perverted!

This fic will become extremely dark and scary in the future.... grab a blankie. :P

Zofo: What a deliciously dark story. Can't wait for more :)

And more is on the way! As of the date this response, I have three future chapters drafted.

Vee: I have really been enjoying this story. It's dark and hot, well written. I love the edits and the changes that were made, and I am so looking forward to the next chapter. I hope you still plan on continuing. This will be one story I follow no matter how long it takes for the next chapters. I can't wait for the Gk/Gt and I am really curious if we're also going to get some Goku/Videl.

Thank you for the compliments :worship:

Like I mentioned before, there are more chapters in the works.

Goku/Videl will be in Chapter 5, it will be......INTENSE!

Vee: Okay this...this devastatingly dominant version of Goku? I really can't describe hot INSANELY HOT it is. His anger at what Goten did behind his back is just palpable and oozes out of the screen. And Vegeta just seems a little put upon by having to deal with everyone's issues. He's quite lucky he's got his Prince title as I think without it, Goku would run them all straight into the ground and do whatever he wanted. Particularly with Trunks for interfering!

I'm not a big Truten fan but I can still read it. Videl's situation was definitely the big draw to this story for me, and I really hope you go into her session with Goku next chapter!

Thanks for the update!

Yeah, Goku is EXTREMELY pissed at Goten, and not because he doesn't want Goten to be in love with Trunks, it's that Goku wants to be "the first". In this A/U Goku has a very Saiyan personality, and his outlet is purely sexual. The reason for that will be revealed soon.

Again, thank you for the kind review.

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Vee: More! YAY! thank you for the e-mail about he update. And hee :D

this story is always worth waiting for, and I loved this. Not only did we get Videl/goku but bonus Chi-Chi and Goku/Vegeta.

I loved Goku getting a bit miffed about the pins and giving Chi-Chi the same treatment. BTW pins, ouch! And you have no idea how much I love to see that man be so DOMINANT! Or you probably do, since you wrote him that way:) Very worth it, and thank you so much for keeping at it with the Goku/Videl scene. It may have taken a few drafts, but it came out really well done!

And GLUH. The Goku/Vegeta. The way Goku responds to him, and listens to him, worships him. It's very hot. And I cannot wait to have a chapter with Vegeta dominating the hell out of Goku! And what is this promise Vegeta has made to him??? We shall see!

And oooh. A villain... make or break, huh? I am curious to see where this is going...

Thanks for the chapter!

Firstly, thank you for another kind review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and your veg/goku is definitely in the works. Yes, I really do love a dominant Goku. He's the embodiment of power, and I don't like when he's portrayed as a fluffy character.

I stuck with the fic ultimately because I'm committed to it. I needed the scene to be perfect, and I'm happy that you feel it came together nicely. I appreciate it.

YES! A villain. And a very unusual one at that. It came to me suddenly one day, and it's really going to transform this fic into something with an actual storyline, that will have a conclusion (but not for a very long time). Again, you'll have to wait and find out.

The promise will also be revealed, but not until the end.

(I will give a hint at the promise tho': It was made when Vegeta first came to earth and fought Goku.)

Thanks again.

Goatisme: Does Bulma have no idea what is going on? She seems the only one uninvolved.

Great Question!

And luckily one I'm willing to answer, as I don't think it'll ruin any storyline.

Yes, Bulma is quite aware of Vegeta's little empire he's building for himself. She is his queen after all. :P

If you remember at the end chapter 3, When Goten and Trunks ran through the kitchen, the remark that Dr. Briefs makes "Those Saiyans love to play", yeah... Bulma's parents know too. And um... I have some plans for them as well.


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