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mx_alyce - plagiarised a published author

Recommended Posts if that wasn't bad enough, it just had to be JK Rowling :bash:

You know, rewrites are one thing. We see those all the time (citing source, of course). But you don't copy/paste and then change the names for your story, and claim it as your own.

First book lifted from, was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone



she missed one....



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a reviewer pointing out where name changes weren't done..


The above screen caps are from the first story. As I've already deleted them both, I'll give pages that were lifted in the second story.

Story Two, chapter one:

"Bone of the father..." to "Wormtail! Your arm." both paraphrase and direct lift, Goblet of Fire, 641-645

"We can't say much..." to "we see you..." OotP, 8

"I know this..." to "anything rash..." OotP, 9

The plagiarist's archive profile

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