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Naruto/Male Harem challenge

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Total SEME!Naruto paired with two or more Ukes. Mpreg expected!

Your choice of :










(If you have someone else in mind, ask and I might consider it as long as it isn't any of the jounin senseis, Iruka, or anyone way older than Naruto.)

AU - Naruto is your average college student. Well as average as a demon prince can get. This particular 200 year old was the Golden Nine Tailed Crowned Prince of Fire Country. His maternal grandfather, Kyuubi, was Demon King. However no one at his school was to know that. All they were to know was that he was a loud orange wearing punk who majored in Business and Accounting.

While Naruto’s parents and grandparents all agreed a college education was very important. This wasn’t the reason Naruto had been sent to Konoha University. He was sent to the University to find his destined mate(s). As a Kitsune, Naruto would be reaching his 210th year; 21 in human years. And this was an important step in Naruto’s coming of age.

As the time approaches for Naruto’s birthday, his youki will start to expand and search out optimal mates. Once he finds the one(s), he’ll start the mating ritual and establish alpha rights of his mate(s). Although he knew he'd love them equally and protect them all. Privately Naruto hoped he didn’t end up with 10 mates like his grandfather had – five females and five males. Because he knew while he may be dominant in the bedroom, he would be at all his mates’ mercy outside their rooms; should he inccur their wrath.

His mother and his grandma's/grandpapas' were proof enough of that. Not to mention his Paternal grandmother, Tsunade’s, violent punches of retaliation against Jairaya gave him nightmares.

~ Suiren

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Guest Yami_Red_Uchiha

How long did you want this story? Depending on how long you want it, I might not post anything until it's completely finished. But I am interested in doing this ChallengeFic

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Well I'm thinking anywhere from 15 to 25 chapters should be enough to build a good storyline; though it really depends on the length of the chapters, how many mates you choose, and how fast the relationships develops. I'm thinking as long as the developments in Naruto's relationships aren't too slow and not too fast, it shouldn't take more than that many.

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