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If anyone has a new catagory that they want up so they can post their story or stories at, please follow the suggestion here.

Category name:

Section catagory to be in:

Do you have any stories for it?:

I have a category request to put in.

Category name: Transformers/Beast Wars.

Section catagory to be in: Cartoon.

Do you have any stories for it?: No.

Catagory name: Transformers 2007

Section catagory to be in: Movies

Do you have any stories for it?: Working on the story right now.

For sub subs (i.e. pair specific), it has been decided that we will wait until there are at least 5 stories for a specific pair before that sub sub category is added to the site, like say for you Harry Potter fans, Snape/Hermione.

Till then, post your story or stories in the Het > Female/Male catagory of that section like Books, Movies, TV with the name of the female/male pairing in the summary. When we see that there are more then five (5) stories posted, that category will be added.

Please be aware that if you do not have a story ready, or are not in the process of WRITING a story for the category you requested, it will not be added.



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