Need a beta for sword and romance original story.

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I really need a beta reader for this original story called Warrior Princess. This story is a sword and romance story set in an alien world where my leading lady is sent by the request of the Sorceress called Aderyn. She sent a sword to where my leading lady lives at to bring a warrior to their world to help lead them in a rescue attempt of their true leader. The leading lady is untrained in battle and not really a 'leader' but over the course of her stay there, she comes into herself as a leader and does her best to help the band of warriors succeed, but do they?

I am planning seriously to have this story published, but I need somoene will not up and leave after two chapters are finished. I am serious about this story.

Please contact me on Skype, my handle is ladyducaine or by e-mail or PM and please in your subject header state beta reader and in your request for friending on Skype state I'm from Adultfanfiction and would like to beta your story Warrior Princess.

Thank you for your consideration to become my beta reader.


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I've decided to post a tidbit of this story for any possible beta readers to see about becoming my beta reader for this story. I really, really need someone. I'm not good at editing my own work and I do miss a few things in the story like if the plot flows smoothly or had been broken in some place.

Tarisn concentrated all her skill in her last attack on Rhiannon and found that Rhiannon had reacted slower to her swing and moved fast to disarm her of her sword and flipped her onto her back and pinned her down with Rhiannon’s sword in one hand and her own in her right hand. “Do you yield?”

Rhiannon looked at her breathing heavy as did Tarisn as the sweat dripped from Tarisn’s face. She nodded. “I yield this fight and you have passed your final test.”

Tarisn looked a bit puzzled but then anger appeared over her face as she pulled away from her. “You should have told me this was my final test!”

Rhiannon got up slowly. “I couldn’t as I wasn’t told when my final test happened either.”

Tarisn turned to look at Aderyn. “You knew this was the final testing day, didn’t you?”

“I can neither deny nor confirm that,” Aderyn stated, as she walked over to them to check for injures sustained by the swords.

Tarisn glared at Aderyn but then, she glanced away from her. “I should have known this day was coming.”

“What do you mean?” Aderyn asked, as she healed the cut on her shoulder.

“I should have known as this day is year six of us being here,” Tarisn replied, as she glanced at the woman who looked for more cuts. “That was the only one I got.”

Aderyn shook her head as her hand pressed on the wound on her leg to see her flinch. “I know where you got hit at, Tarisn.”

Rhiannon saw her stretch her arms. “So you were in a sense aware that this could be the final test?”

“Yeah, but I had thought I would have been informed before hand,”

“I was not told by my mentor either and when he was asked, he said every swordswoman or swordsman never knew when the final test would come as a fight would spring up without notice and you need to be on your toes about it.” Rhiannon replied, as Aderyn went to her side to heal the wounds that she got from Tarisn’s blade. “And by how you did, you did really well for a beginner swordswoman.”

“Well, I did have over four thousand, three hundred and eighty days of training underneath me, Rhiannon,” Tarisn stated, as she cleaned her blade in the water trough and dried it off with the towel. “You did make sure that I knew what I was doing with the sword.”

Please consider becoming my beta reader for this story.

Thank you,


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Hi there.

Sorry I don’t have a skype account and I know I would never check it for a reply so I’ll just post a reply to this thread. The rest is up to you I suppose.

Swords and romance... right up my ally. Any form of violence interest's me and I’d really love to be able to work through what you’re writing if you'd let me.

Right okay, a little about me. I've been a fanfiction write for... wow like ten years now but I’ve never Betaed anything. I've also never have a beta so my style might be something you're not used to. Also I have a little bit of an addictive personality so if this story interests me I’ll be sticking around if only to see what will happen next.

So yeah, get in touch wither through this feed or PM me if you like, I’m online most nights so it shouldn't take very long for me to get back to you. I am from the United Kingdom so I run on GMT so my night could be your day... ahh well.


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