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Sexuality and Categories Pertaining to Such

Which sexual orientations do you acknowledge as existing?  

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  1. 1. Which sexual orientations do you acknowledge as existing?

    • Homosexual and Heterosexual ONLY*
    • Varying degrees of Bisexuality ONLY**
    • Homo, Hetero AND Bisexuality ONLY
    • Homo, Hetero, Bi and Asexual ONLY***
    • Homo, Hetero, Bi AND Pansexuality****

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"Fuck those labels"!

This is something I have very recently been dealing with. I used to live as straight and was married to a man but thought of myself as bisexual. Then I fell in love with a girl, got a divorce, and spent the next two years earning my dyke membership card. Now I am in love with a ftm and am kinda dealing with that whole "But I am a real lesbian, I swear!" thing.

But, then again, he doesn't really think "male" about himself all the time either. The way he describes it is that he sits firmly on the fence, but we live in a society that makes him check a box, and the m feels more comfortable than the f.

So, if gender identity can be fluid and unstereotypical, then why not sexuality? I completely agree with the scale thing. Or at least that we should have more than just an either/or situation.

Oh, and in regards to zoophilia, just my opinion, consenting individuals only. Until we learn to speak goat, or sheep, or dog, or they learn english....I'm pretty much against it. Hot in fantasy/fiction land, not hot in reality. Just sayin'...

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dude, I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT SEXUALITY YOU ARE! it doesn't matter, we all have blood, so it shouldn't matter. I for one is BISEXUAL. i like both females and males! it shouldn't matter at all.

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I went with Fuck labels also. My bisexual son has suffered because of labels, so I refuse to play that game. Whatever's clever that promotes a person's happiness within reason is my philosophy. So long as you do not harm others, who are the rest of us in society to play superiority based upon sexuality. Hell, Sex was a sin for how many centuries because of Religious intolerance?

How can we not have an explosion of sexual identity crisis now that human biological needs are once again getting a bit of breathing room? Far as I'm concerned anyone who insists on regulating someone else's sexuality better look in the mirror and pull the splinter out of their own eye before chasing the supposed beam in their neighbor's eye. Half the time it is the splinter in one's own eye causing the problem. The beam is an exaggeration of one's own skeleton's trapped in your eye's proverbial closet shining through.

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