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My Story Is Gone!

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I had a story I had posted, and there were three or four chapters up, and even FINALLY had a reviewer. It is now GONE! What happened to it?! Please! I had so much trouble getting it posted in the first place, and now it's GONE! WHY?! I am of age (well over 21!), but if you need proof, I will provide it. Why was my story taken down?! I had the appropriate disclaimer, and proper warnings, so I don't understand why it was removed!

Edited to add:

OK, I am DEEPLY confused. When I clicked the tab at the top of this forum to go to, and I clicked to edit my story, it said I had none on the forum. Yet, when I went to my review thread here on the forum, and clicked the link I provided in the thread, it took me right to my story, and when I clicked on "Author's Panel" it shows I have 1 story, with 2 reviews. So, are there two different Adultfanfiction.nets?

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When you're in the archive, are you clicking in the correct category first? For example, your forum profile shows that you have 1 Harry Potter story in the archive. So once you're in the archive, you'd first click on "Harry Potter" (to the left of screen, 6th option down) and then click on Member Tools/Author Panel; you'd then find the "Edit Story" link.

Each category has its own database. So Books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cartoons, and so on, all have their own separate database. Which means you have to go into the category where your stories are before you'll see them.

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