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Time travel Harry/Creature Harry/Multiple men and Harry

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Guest Dark Serpent Cat

For a long time now I have been playing with an idea for a time traveling Harry Potter fan fic where Harry has a harem of men. However as time passed by I realized that I may never be able to get it done or even start it so I would really appreciate it if someone else took the idea up for me

So I will begin by explaining a little about Harry's heritage for the fic as it will be important for the events

We all know Harry is descended from the Peverell brothers whom created the Deathly Hallows however instead of them gaining the hallows from Death they are in fact the children of Death him or her self

Death has a friend or sister in the angel of Destiny or Fate whatever you want to call it and Fate brings him a prophecy about Harry.

Now due to Fates prophecy (which can basically say Harry will one day inherit Deaths powers as well as the war)

Fate and Death see that Dumbledore is manipulating Harry (I would prefer it if it was the type of mulipulating where Dumbledore believes it is for the better of the world) and need to teach him the truth about Light and Dark magics

So when Harry and the others are at the Department of Mysteries and Sirius is about to fall into the veil Harry's magic somehow save Sirius but forces Harry into the viel where Death and Fate contact him

Once they are done talking Harry somehow gets his memories erased and is turned to a child before being sent back through time


1) Godric







Now if it is alright I want this to be a series where each story shows Harry in a different era

the era's and basic plot for the follows go in this order

1) Founder's era:

In this fic baby Harry is found by a child Salazar Slytherin and Salazar's lamiae mother (Sal is half) and is adopted by Sal's mother becoming Sal's precious baby brother. As Harry gets older he and Sal leave their mother and eventually meet up with the other founder's. Godric then takes a perverted liking to Harry causing Salazar to dislike Godric. Eventually I would like you going into the construction of Hogwarts and Harry being apart of things like making creature treaties and what not.

When Harry turns sixteen he turns into a lamiae and finds a mate in Godric

As time goes on Harry eventually gains back his memories and knows that his time in this era will soon come to an end

Now during his time in this era Harry had become just as superb of a spell creator and potion master as Sal and thus when he learned he was going to leave began to devise a way for him to find Godric in the future.

He then creates a spell or potion or ritual that at the end Godric will use to turn into Fawkes until Harry returns to his time that or Godric was already a pheonix, he also leaves a letter.

Now due to the witch hunts and stuff Hogwarts is undersieged by muggles who are using their muggle born children to learn the weakness's and what not of everything and everyone in Hogwarts. During this time of battle it is a muggle born witch or wizard who kills Harry, that being the only way he can exit out of that era. It is with Harry's Death that causes Salazar to go insane and hate muggleborns

2) Riddle era

For this fic I will let you do what you wish for plot but I do request the following

Harry is a nekomata, (Two tailed cat demon) instead of Lamiae

is the one to actually help Tom rise as a Dark Lord,

has two mates Tom and Hagrid.

Tom chooses Hagrid as his scapegoat because of his jealousy towards Harry spending time with Hagrid (before he knows what Harry is)

Harry keeps his memories in this era

He still has to die somehow to get out of it

Is a Slytherin

if he has a family it has to be he was blood adopted into the Malfoy's as Abraxas Malfoy's younger brother

He can not interact with Godric (A.K.A. Fawkes because in this era his creature is not mated to Godric)

he can have his memories in this if you want

3) Marauders era

Same as plot with Riddles but with the following changes

-Harry's creature this era is up to you

-Harry is Blood adopted by Cygnus and Druella Black making him Bella's favorite little Brother (if you want him not to have memories of his past in this one is fine)

-Sirius does like him but as more then a cousin

-Harry interacts with Rodolphus Lestrange who like Sirius has a crush on Harry even though they are older

-When Harry becomes a creature he finds mates in Rodolphus (who only marries Bella after he believes Harry is dead and because of a contract between the families making him marry a Black) Sirius and Remus

-Harry can not have much or any mate interaction between Tom,Hagrid or Fawkes

-All of his sisters love him and though he doesn't agree with the whole pureblood supremecy his parents do he doesn't go completely against the Blacks like Sirius and he is talented enough that the Blacks do not condemb him for it.

-Rest of Plot is up to you

4) The return to his era

-In this era Harry can access all of his pass creature inheritance however there are limits since I do't want him to be super powerful such as he can only access one of his creatures at a time or such the limits are up to you

-Harry gets all of his mates from the past back as well as the new one in Fenrir

-Harry goes dark and learns that the real prophecy that Dumbledore heard basically says that only he and the Dark lord can kill each other but both have to die for them to stay dead or something or maybe about him being Deaths heir

-he eventually can temporarily become an angel of Death

-rest is up to you but I want plenty of sex to.

well here you go if you have any questions let me know also if you would like to do one of the era idea's but as a seperate fic and not a series go ahead as long as you give credit

If you have any questions please let me know

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Guest Merula Aeolus

Well, I don't know if you'd be interested, but I just adopted a story with a similar premise in that it has time travel/male harem-Harry and later a creature inheritance. I haven't posted the updated and revised version yet, but the original author was Kurai Ame on If you would like to read the chapter she had I highly recommend it!

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