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Guest Forever Lurking

Ever since I first played this game, I've always been interested in what Riku and Maleficent were up to while Sora was on his quest. I have an idea, but I'm too lazy to write it myself...

The idea is that Riku is sent out to hunt up the seven Princesses of Heart and is injured in a fight while kidnapping one of the princesses. He returns to Hallow Bastion badly beaten and near death. Maleficent heals his wounds and suggests that she train him to use his dark powers better. Feeling that it will give him the edge he needs to save Kairi, he accepts the offer only to find that she intends for them to sex. At first he is reluctant, but finds underneath that robe is a body he cannot resist. (She could use some kind of potion or spell also)By using his dark powers to stave off his "urges", he develops his abilities faster than he would on his own.

Use this idea or one of your own, but I would love to read something with the coupling! As far as I know, there is no story featuring these two as a couple...

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