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Hi, I've been craving a good Top!Harrry story where Harry has muliple male spouses. So I'm issuing a request for someone to write me a story with muli-chapters. Side pair(s): Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Dean Thomas/??

AU After fifth year, but with the same outcome in defeating Voldemort. Harry basically just never falls for Ginny (or perhaps a love potion scheme thorted) and certain characters don't die; and some other little things.

Harry is about to reach adulthood by muggle standards. He never would have expected a glowing red amulet set in silver to appear around his neck a fortnight before his birthday. He also would have never imagined black and gold runic tribal tattoos to appear all over his body. He was changing and growing. His hair, which had always been messy, was impossibly messier. His bright green eyes were even brighter with a ring of gold around his pupils. He shot up, finally reaching his potential height. And his skin, which always had a hint of a golden tone, was more noticeable now.

Harry is about to start his last year at Hogwarts as an eighth year student. He never thought he would actually live to see his 18th birthday, but here he was and he hoped now he could live a normal life. Back in sixth year, he and Seamus entered a relationship of sorts. It was mostly just experimentation with their sexuality. Harry wasn't really sure at first but with the thought of his imminent death approaching, he thought this might be his last chance for any sort of relationships. He agreed as long as Seamus and he were exclusive. Even if it was just for the sake of curiosity, he didn't think he could handle being casual. Harry found the very thought of having to share Seamus caused a feeling of rage and jealousy. He and Seamus became close and Harry began to fall for the Irish boy. Unbeknownst to him, Seamus felt the same. However as fate would have it, Harry couldn't return for his seventh year.

As eighth year started, Harry and Seamus were back together offically. Things had seemed to be going great, however Seamus was near his wits end and he knew Harry was being driven mad. Everything started out great and at the end of October Seamus and Harry lost their virginity to each other. However things begin to get weird. Seamus thought Harry was just very enthusiastic at first. But then he remebered something his maternal grandmother gave him.

A book. This wasn't just any book however. This book detailed the hows and whys of certain magical beings and their mating habits. This book even went into detail on a magical scale. A magical scale which measured the potiency of a wizard's magic. In the Wizarding World, homosexuality was quite normal. In fact, many of the older pureblood families were able to reproduce naturally with the same sex. This scale went into details about Dominant, Neutral, and Submissive magic. After a little spell to test himself, Seamus found he was of neutral magic. And being a little sneaky, he found Harry was of a potient dominant magic. Which explained why Seamus didn't mind bottoming for Harry all the time, and why Harry avoided the subject of switching like the plague abait unconciously.

It also explained the mystery of the markings Harry had. Harry tried to hide them from everyone including him, but Seamus saw and he knew Hermione had too. The book proved what Seamus secretly wondered about. Harry was a magical being. And the mark that formed on Seamus' neck was a bonding mark. How was he going to explain this to Harry? And to make things worse, Harry's breed were polygamous. This, Seamus wondered, was probably why Harry was so sexually enthusiastic and had too much stamina for a man his age. So much so, Seamus was sore and tired. Harry could go for hours on end, and Seamus could barely keep up even though he was a teenager. Seamus loved Harry but could he share the green eyed teen's love. A part of Irish teen wanted to say no, but another part was privately relieved. He always felt he wasn't enough and now he knew it wasn't his or Harry's fault. However if he was going to share, he would be the one to find the other person for Harry with the help of the resident bookworm Hermione.

However this isn't all that has Harry James Potter busy. This year he must deal with loyal death eaters with delusions of grandeur, pesky reporters, the inheritance of The Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and Black, and the fact he is the head of several private school boards for squibs. Fortunately - or unfortunately - the first is the easiest to deal with. The schools, much to Harry's horror, barely teaches the squib children to survive properly in the Muggle World. It seems the curriculum hasn't been changed in all three schools since his great grandfather was Head of the Potter family. The children seemed to be overlooked by their parents and teachers alike. From what Harry could gather, after his great grandparents' death and his grandparents' disinterest in these schools, all muggleborns employed were replaced by purebloods who didn't really understand nor keep up with the muggle worlds advancement. Harry was shocked that the schools his great great grandfather built so that the magicless children of wizards could live a full and prosperous life had been neglected to such a degree.

The harem characters should at least include but not limited to Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, and Seamus Finnigan (If you have someone else - even omc - in mind, ask and I'll consider it). They should all bottom for Harry. I prefer this to be Romance, drama, adventure with plot; and plenty of smut later on.

No rape, creepy horror film torture, or sexual based child abuse/molestation allowed. I find those completely unnecessary for this story. I don't see the need to make Harry's childhood worse than it was by adding more physical abuse. All it would take to change canon is a small what if scenario. IE: What if the Dursley's hadn't succeeded in turning Harry from the muggle world? What if, after the chamber of secrets, Harry went looking into his families history? And that's all I want; that all the changes made are not so morbid.

I'd like for Harry to have a few kinks such as biting or light bondage, but it's not mandatory. Mpreg should be a strong possibility.

You COULD also include:

Supportive Ron (Not many of those kinds are around)

Jealous/Scheming Ginny (Neutral and supportive are cool too, I don't really care because I don't hate her character. It's just a way to add a little drama to a story.)


other side pairings of your choice such as Remus/Severus, Remus/Lucius, or Sirius/Lucius (What can I say, I have a thing for TOP!Gyffindors with a few exceptions).

And of course all characters involved in sexual situations should be at least 18 years or older.

Finished storyline.

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Omg! this sounds so cool!

I might write this but... do you think you could wait three weeks? 3 more weeks and holidays will start and ill probably write 10 chapters in one shot and then write chapter by chapter after that.

btw, love the idea of a supportive ron XD, i mean c'mon they ARE FRIENDS!! i also really like the plot!!

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Sorry! I forgot to put my email down.


please write to me if you have any lengthy ideas you want to pass onto me or if you want a kind of collab thing where i write? and you beta?. hmmm. mebbe.

..or email me if you plan to reject me. .... D:

i don't really ckeck the forums much. so ...yeah

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I've sent you an email with the first chapter in it. Please proofread.

If you decide to add anything to it please do it in a different font (unless it's a spelling/grammer correction. This is just cuz i'd like to read it through and smooth out the kinks and to make the bits you've added flow better.


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Do you think i should post the chapters that i do straight away? or do you think i should save them up until the holidays so that i can post alot at once?

Posting them one by one gets more 'anticipation' though. hmm. a tough cookie. Oh well, since it IS the weekend, i may as well write a little more. If i do start posting now. it might take a week or more before another chapter though.

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