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So, there are many, many reviewers for Idumo I haven't had a chance to personally respond to. Here's the place I'll do it. Hopefully folks will stop by and check it out.

Jade - O.o If the muses whaped me upside the head with another epic like this one, I would write it! Of course, fear of having to write another epic might be cutting those muses off. It does take a lot of energy. I can say your idea sounds interesting, but it isn't something I'm going to be able to write either. I hope the muses settel it out and you're able to put it into words.

Kanashana - not to be too boastful, I think this story should have a ton more hits here as well. I did post this at SJS - I received over a hundred reviews for it there. I think the pairings truely scare people off before they ever give the story a chance. I can't say as I blame them, and that really is why I gave all the warnings I did.

I'm really glad you enjoyed reading the story.

Viandra - I think if more people saw Gohan as I do, there'd be more love for his character. I think he got short changed because the fans didn't want him to take over, so Akira had to change route mid-planning. Personally, I don't think he could have carried the show like Goku did, but I also don't think he needed to be made such a clown to pull focus off of him either. -_-

Phew! I think my Gohan rant is done now. (Where did that come from?_

Any way, thank you for giving this story a chance, and when you found you actually did have an appreciation for it, leaving a review. :) I greatly appreciate them.

E_B_Midnight - I have a stalker! YAY!!!!!

Okay - seriously, thank you for reading this extremely long story and loving it and leaving a review. :) It made my day!

Now - if you all like epics and haven't had a chance to read Pixelgoddess's Maintaining and Quest, I really really recommend you do! :D That should keep you all occupied for at least a month!

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