Cognative Dissonance

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Never fear, your stalker is here!

This is one of my favorites of all time - one of the hottest htings I have ever read. I have it bookmarked so always go back to it... ^_^

I have started a forum for Saiyan Instincts as per your request ^_~

-E. B. Midnight

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I'm becoming frustrated with this forum. Every 3 seconds it is updating something and causing buttons to move on the screen so you miss what you were aiming for. That, and the extremely long scroll down just to get to the gist of the new message! GRRRR! No - signatures do NOT have to be that long or on the side bar- I know, I'm in other forums.

*le sigh* Sorry about the rant. The better thing is, I can put a watch on subjects and receive an email. :) Like I did for this and Soldier Boy.

Anyway, How long have you been in the DBZ fandom? I know there are tons of work you may like if you haven't been in for long. Personally, I (more than) like this kink (when applied to saiyans/demis), so I'd have to agree with you on the 'hotness' level.

If you can find it in time, I put the a link up for the DBZ Fanfiction Salon, which was then (Correctly) moved to The Great Wall in this forum, because it is[/i promoting another website/forum and not an information place. You should go check that out if you're new to the fandom. You might find more folks with similar interests.

You'll have to pardon me - I just got home from a trip, catching up on emails and still have tons of laundry to wash. O.o Slightly distracted would be a nice way to put it.

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