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Satai Delenn

Jack of Spades - Review/Discussion Thread

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First, if this is not the correct place (though it does say this section is for reviews) to post this, then please (without attacking me) feel free to direct me to the proper place (a link to the right area would be greatly appreciated, as I've looked over the entire forum site and have been unable to find anywhere else this thread would belong).

Second, this thread is for people to ask any questions they might have about anything in my story, as well as my replies to people's reviews.

Now, I would like to thank most graciously, bwilson for his/her kind reviews of my story. I do my best to write Severus in an accurate, but human manner, and I am glad that this shows in my story. I'm also very glad that you like Mari. I am trying my best to create a character that is not a Mary, nor anti-stu. I hope that I am succeeding in this. I realize that most people don't like OCs but I find that I prefer writing them because it allows me to practice my writing in my style, while still working within a genre that I feel comfortable with. The stronger my writing grows, the more I hope to be able to take what I've learned and create original stories. I'm hoping that as I continue writing Jack of Spades, Mari continues to be a sympathetic character. There may be occasions, however, when she may seem a little trying, especially because I seem to have her crying a lot, and I am trying to curb myself from continuing to write her in that manner, though it may be a while before that happens. She has, after all, had a lot of things happen to her, and there are still more things yet to come before she can truly begin to heal from the things she's gone through.

Alright, now, to anyone else who has been reading, but not reviewing. I thank you for taking time out of your day to read my story. I do hope that you are enjoying it. Also, if you are a fan of Hermione, then I must warn you that she is not portrayed in the best light in this story, but then, Mari will have her moments where she is not so kind either. I have nothing against the Hermione character, but in this particular story, it suited me to have Hermione be a bit naive, and rather defensive at times. I realize that Hermione has not shown up yet, but she will soon, and I felt the need to warn die hard Hermione fans, just in case.

For anyone else who may have read this thread, and is wondering what the hell I'm talking about, lol, you can find my story here: if it so interests you.

I look forward to answering people's questions, and answering any reviews I receive.

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