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I'd like to see a story where Brolly(Dragon Ball Z) and Harry are a pairing. It's crucial that Brolly doesn't abuse Harry. He can kill everyone else in the universe, but he musn't lay a violent hand on Harry. Ever. Not even when he's pissed.

How they get introduced and in a relationship is up to you, but the best starter would be if Harry was the one who freed Brolly from the mind control device instead of Brolly just overcharging it. Another good one -if you can't find a reason for Harry to be on that doomed planet- is if he helps Brolly recover after his crash landing to Earth in the 2nd(?) movie. It would probably help if Brolly was an amnesiac, if that's how you'll start it.

If it helps, you can say that Harry's magic has a calming effect or that Harry is his "mate" or some such thing.

You can involve other DBZ or Harry Potter characters if you want to, but its not neccessary. Brolly and Harry are the focus.

If you can make it a happy ending, that would be best.

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