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Just some examples of the lovely "work"

" Nikola looked up seeing Helen their and said "Helen it's exactly what it look like."

Nikola then throw Henry on to his shoulder and said "will I'm going to take Henry here and have a nice Christmas and good night Helen." Nikola waved as he disappears with Henry on his shoulder.

Helen just stud there in shock for a moment and then shook her head and walked off into here room.

In the morning everybody was shock to find Henry and Nikola paste out on the couch with only a blanket covering their naked bodies.

"Will Henry are secret is finely out now" Nikola said as Henry roulade over putting his head on Nikolas chest going back to sleep not caring that everyone was staring at them.

Anderson trend around to find no one there but himself.

He turns the shower off and grabs a towel that was hanging by the sink.

He walk out of the bathroom drying his hair, he then tossed it bake into the bathroom and got in to bed and he pull the blacked over him and falls asleep.

Alucard watches Anderson sleep as he toast and turn in bed.

Alucard lade next to Abel and wrapped his arms around him and kissed him on lips before they both passed out.

When Abel awoke he found himself bake in the church he was staying at, he lied bake down on the bed and thought to himself "that dream was amazing I never felt so real."

Abel got up to find he wasn't wearing any cloths and he had a bit mark on his shoulder.

"Oh dear God! I really did have sex with that man last night!" Abel said before passing out on the floor naked form shock

I think that's eyes don't want any more of it either....

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