HarrySlave Challenge

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I do not own anything HP related. It all belongs to JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Inc., Warner Bros., and any other entities involved.

Author's Note: So here is challenge for people to do, anyone can write for them just please e-mail me with the link to the fic when posted. What all is a Bottom!Harry. Story ideas come from me getting angry at fanfiction, for example: not a lot of Slave!Harry fics with him been a slave to Death Earters

The poit is the war over the Death earters have won and Harry is a slave

And with this in it

Abuse, Anal, Angst, BDSM, Bond, D/s, H/C, M/M, Slave, Orial, Toys, Spanking, Rim, Violence, HJ, Tort, Humil

And harry lose his body hair and his age is 19

Plasce help


Just e-mail on my proflie here if it be posted

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