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Guest ILuvShikamaru

Snarry plot bunny/challenge up for adoption!

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Guest ILuvShikamaru

Okay, so I was up reading really rate a few months ago, and this idea popped into my head. I can't write to save my life, but this bunny refuses to leave me alone. So here it is:

Snape and Harry are in a master/slave relationship (Snape is master, Harry is slave), but it is more like a cross between a Maste/slave and a Dom/sub relationship. They are at hogwarts (bonus if Harry is still a student; double bonus if he is living in Snape's quarters at the same time).

I have no idea how they got together, but the story starts (in my head) after they've already been together a while, lets say a few months to a year. The war is over.

The story has to start on Harry's POV; not nessesarily first person, but readers have to see Harry's side of things, at least at first. Harry is totally utterly in love with Snape, and would do anything for him, but Snape is basically just ignoring him. In public, he treats him like he treats everyone else, but in private he barely even acknowledges Harry. The hardly ever have sex. Snape set rules early in their relationship, such as that Harry must keep himself clean and healthy, he must do well in his classes, and he must not cause any trouble. Harry is so in love with Snape that he follows all the rules all the time, even after Snape kind of forgets about him. Harry has basically pushed his friends away.

Whew. Okay, not for the main part of the story. Harry is so heartsick that his body starts rebelling. He has a hard time falling asleep, but he has no energy, and doesn't want to wake up when he finally gets some sleep. His stomach rejects food (in the form of throwing it up almost as soon as it hits his stomach), he begins getting migranes, and he feels totally apathetic to everything. He never shows pain, because he hardly ever feels it anyway.

Eventually, he gets so weak from lack of proper nutrition (since he can't keep anything down) that one day he passes out and just doesn't wake up. Someone (bonus if it is Snape, double bonus if someone else, like Mcgonnal is with him at the time) finds him and takes him to Pomfrey. Snape has to figure out what is wrong with Harry and how to fix it before Harry dies.

In the end, Snape and Harry fix things, and they live happily ever after :) bonus if hot sweaty man-sex is involved.

Okay, last thing. The story should not be really really long. It should start about the day when Harry starts being unable to hold food down. And it should be well written, as in proper grammer and spelling and paragraphs.

Okay, thats it! Should anyone choose to adopt the bunny, please send me an email with the link to the story, since I probably wont come back here for a while (though feel free to post here too!). My email is

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