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Ever Hear of Push

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Ok, first off, have any of you ever heard of or watched the movie Push? You know, the one with Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning and Camilla Belle? It's not the most amazing movie ever made, but it has potential.

For an RP. >.>

A group RP, to be exact. One that revolves entirely around the Push universe, but with our own characters--I'd rather leave the ones from the movie out of it--wouldn't it be much more fun to have our own?

It would involve a lot of planning I think, but if we had the Pushers, Watchers, Shadows, Movers (and every other ability) and even Division, I think it could be something worth trying out!

And just so no one is left out, it would be het, slash and anything else in between. It would make for a more interesting story to have all ranges of relationships, don't you think?

I don't want to post too much more, in case this doesn't go anywhere, so anyone who's interested, leave a comment, alright?! =3

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