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Guest gillyweed

Was watching Kick-ass and had an epiphany...what muggle female would be a match for Draco to be reckoned with? Hitgirl, of course! I was thinking--remember the torture/shootout when she is rescuing Big Daddy and Kick-ass from D'Amico's thugs and it was being televised live? What if an 11-year-od Draco was watching too? Would start out as him being intrigued, yet at the same time repulsed, much like he is with Granger, because shes's a filthy Muggle. And then as he gets older he the intrigue/disguist becomes obsession as he continues to spy on her and her vigilante activities with his Dark Magic. Here are some things I would like to be in the story:

1. Hitgirl should stay in character of course...I don't want anyone turning her into a helpless, girly, sniveling Hitgirl/Mindy. She should be a force to be reckoned with. I want a strong, dark Malfoy. She doesn't want him nor is interested in his world because she is such the vigilante along with Kick-ass.

2. As they both get older Malfoy is turned on and gets off on seeing her in action and, of course, when they come of age he has to have her.

3. It could be a creature fic if you want or not, does'nt make any difference. Whatever flips your switch :) Just don't give him wings if he's going to be Veela. Maybe the Dark side wins and he wants her for his prize, but Please, I beg you! Don't kill off the Golden Trio!

4. She should fight Draco tooth and nail because afterall, it's Hitgirl we're talking about here. And I would love for her to kick a lot of Deatheater and Draco's arse a lot in the story, she could have the element of surprise on her side. You can figure out the details how she would do that without him using magic on her.

5. They should both be of age, in the books I believe wizards come of age at 17, so that would be okay.

6. As much as I like fluff, this one shouldn't be fluffy at any point. Not even the ending should be fluffy--I just don't see Hitgirl being fluffy and sentimental.

7. Should be a constant battle of wits and lets face it, if it were'nt for magic she could kick Draco's ass and blow him away anytime:)

Guess that's it...just please, please keep everyone in character. Hope someone rises to the challenge.

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Guest gillyweed

I was rambling when I wrote this request, just rambling off random stuff. now that I've thought about it I've really brainstormed some good ones I think....Anyways, I would love to see this story written as there are some really good authors on this site.

I was thinking on second thought I don't want the Dark Side to win. Would like for the story to be as DH compliant as possible. Creature fic is still an option. She thinks Malfoy is a douche bag to the bitter end lol. Malfoy is dark/disturbing/abusive to an extent, but with some redeeming qualities. Definitely has an unnatural obsession with her.

What if the MOM arranges for protective custody of Mindy and Mr. Weasley adopted her own protection because for whatever reason she is targeted by the Deatheaters. I was thinking along the lines that she interfered as Hit-Girl with a Deatheater attack on some Muggles in New York and I was thinking this could happen almost immediately after the last scene in Kick-Ass. I guess they would be American Deatheaters. I think our equivalent to the MOM stateside would be DOM (Department of Magic, seeing as we don't have ministries here) so I guess it would be led by a Director of Magic. So the MOM and DOM would collaborate in the protective custody. I was thinking the Weasleys because Arthur love Muggles and would love the opportunity to foster a real live muggle, but I definitely don't want her to "find out she is really a witch." I'm wanting her to be a muggle and maybe she can go to the muggle school in the town the Weasleys live. Again, how this works out with Kick ass and Marcus I'll let you work out the details.

I definitely want to keep the intro to the story as Draco and even several other Hogwarts students seeing the live feed of the Kick-Ass rescue scene. You can work out the details on maybe during one of their required Muggle studies classes the professor brings a Muggle laptop to demonstrate muggle technology and they stumble on the live feed.

I want to keep the idea of Draco's obsession. I had the idea that he develops a love for pain and comes to look forward, with relish, to his physical encounters with Hit-Girl/Mindy. Maybe he could take up martial arts so he can keep up with her.

It would also be cool if she took part in the Battle of Hogwarts too, even though she was ordered not to get involved by the Order. I think it would be neat too if she avenged Fred.

But anyway, like I said she would be the same age as Malfoy, Ron, Harry and Hermione. Oh, and no fluff between Malfoy and Hit-Girl/Mindy. also since the fall of Voldemort there could still be a fringe movement of Deatheaters...equal to terrorists who still terrorize and kill muggleborns and muggles and that could be an outlet for Hit-Girl as well.

Hope someone can rise to the challenge. If everyone is busy with other projects, that's fine. I'll check back in a couple of months and if no one has taken the challenge then I may do it myself :)

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