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For hidden stories (usually disclaimer issues)

Please remember to tell us both the title of the story, and what subdomain the story is IN. Without that information, no one can look and find out how to help you.

Deleted stories

Stories added to the wrong subdomain are deleted as soon as we find them. Please remember to use the jump menu located in both your profile and your user panel. Either one will get you to the right subdomain for where you need to add your work.

Emails sent, and then stories hidden

Please, please do not ignore the emails we send regarding author note chapters, excessive author notes, review demands, and the like. If there is a problem in your story which we've notified you via email on, if you choose not to correct it, it will get hidden, just as if we left you a warn/review. That email sent still counts in that manner.

Finally, if a story is hidden, the user can STILL access it via their user panel. It's not missing, simply pulled from the public listing until whatever it is that is wrong, is corrected. Once the issue mentioned is corrected, we do unhide it.

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